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Tom Tom Brady, Tommy, John Elway discussed on The Kevin Sheehan Show


In the top six. You know so when we've had these conversations before they they are much more the the conversations I've had with you versus others much more about what we saw and what we watched what we think without a lot of the numbers members involved which you know a lot of people get the numbers involved in and then a Lotta people put a hell of a lot of weight on winning super bowls versus not That's why a lot of people don't have Marino as high as I have Marino You know some people don't have manning that high because of his overall playoff record and how many playoff games he lost you know. Before those Denver Years He had a losing playoff record. I mean came up super short in games. He didn't play well at home. As a number one concede with home field advantage throughout. You know and then you take a guy like breeze you know brees you watch him and you're like boy what a system Sean. Payton's put together breezes. Great he's a top ten guy no doubt But those that would have them higher would say in the last two years he should have been in in a super bowl. If not for the the worst miscall and postseason history and the the the Minneapolis miracle the bomb from case Keenum to you want to step on digs that knocked him out of a chance of potentially going to a super bowl as well so of breezed. Been in the last two super bowls you might think of breezed differently apprently and I think that's that might be true But you know brees has also been on some teams. That had lousy defenses where he couldn't elevate those teams to better records. You know John elway elevated a lot of those Denver teams much beyond place into places. They should not have gone he. He went to three super bowls with a very average team around him and it wasn't until he got a better defense and a run game where he finally won the Super Bowl but he got that team to three of them but really it was watching elway. That made me think elway was the greatest of all time until Brady and Tommy. I also thought of this. Yes and I want you to get some of your thoughts on this here in a moment and some of the guys we we may not have Put on the list but you know this off see this postseason. Excuse me upcoming may may be. Brady's biggest opportunity even belichick's biggest opportunity because the expectations for this patriots team entering the the postseason. And maybe the lowest I can remember. Nobody thinks that they can go to Baltimore and win. Kansas City if they play at Arrowhead the Patriots will be An underdog in that game a significant maybe a sizable under. What do you think Kansas City would be favored by at home in the divisional round over New England? Six no five or six. I think that would attract too much attention six. What T- what Tommy? I would think six six or seven. Tom Tom Brady if he goes into this postseason for anybody. That doesn't have a number one on this list if he goes in and takes this team to the Super Super Bowl. That's the that that's his all time. Achievement it's a great defensive team I will I will grant you that just like Denver was a great defensive team when Peyton got to the Super Bowl in two thousand sixteen and won it beating Carolina in the Super Bowl that was not about peyton manning but if he plays well on the offense plays well. This could be Brady's number one moment in number one opportunity. Not that he needs them. He's played Tommy. He's played. He started charted in forty playoff games. He's got a two and a half worth a two and a half regular seasons worth of postseason games. Yeah now he the number one. That's could be clear to anyone. I want to point out.

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