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Am I making fun of Legit? The fact that you know the fact that you think I'm kidding the fact that you think I'm kidding is more of an indictment against your taste for Lizzo vocals. I'm being serious I legitimate. What she think about her album her. Insane range I'M GONNA. Put a sandbox on either side that you're both going to stick in okay. It was also a big weekend for Khloe Kardashian. She went all out for her thirty Sixth Birthday Rob Kardashian, even made a rare appearance, but first we need to discuss all the decorations Khloe space was on everything and inflatable slide. It was on pillows, cookies, and obviously you know we're not surprised by this because this. Is Due at every party I think we'd be more surprised if they were like. We're pizza and it's just going to be five of US right, right? This is the norm like this thing. The car gashes in a sense of always been quarantining when it comes to events pink like base Scott Partying at clubs in Vegas six seven years ago, like that stop being there and they started hosting these amazing parties from their homes in Calabasas years ago that we're already private so. Like I feel like this is probably the most normal. They felt doing something like this. Yeah, absolutely, I love all dressed up. Tristan was compared to everybody else like rob had on joggers. Tristan had on a full suit like. Do you think he's on the punishment? Is this why he sold dressed? I mean at first of all I. The first thing I noticed Nina I loved the suit I that Pale. Pink would wear that suit. I think he wants to look good i. think they probably got some things going on? And he wants to look good for his late essentially back together, or they're not saying you know sources say no. I have no idea I i. don't I think they're probably. I think they're probably back together. A guy who dresses up for his girls thing tries to. Impress her. I think that's good. Even after you have a kid, I like keeping afresh keeping it fresh you today in your Hoodie Humpty. Like this is. I'm GonNa wear a suit tomorrow. Genuinely? Hope that you do. Anyway meanwhile, in what the was he thinking? News Country Star Chase Rice just through a packed concert in Tennessee, and go over too well with fellow country singer, Kelsey, Ballerini getting upset and calling him selfish.

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