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From Cooperstown for Chipper Jones hall of fame induction Friday Saturday and Sunday so I'm going, to be working really hard this weekend and sharing a hotel. Room with Jay black so that's that's the biggest I'll have. Believe me we come back Monday I'm gonna. Have a full report. Not on Cooperstown Jay black stories you, get extra pay just for that I'm I'm paying them I'm paying them wait. And goal back in a hotel xactly. We'll, have a week Fantastic so that's the programming note so real. Quick I thought of this. After I did the Japanese recap, and it's it's funny they Deb sent the story so I went to, the ocean obviously Japan's in Ireland and. I and I was there, and I'm like, I hadn't been to the beach yet not that I'm a, beachgoer but, I'm like what am I gonna ever touch the sea, of Japan again you know like. I want to go to the water and and and at least touched the water so I went, down to the. To the, ocean and I. Picked up like a little smooth stone a smooth rock and I I'll do that I'll pick up cool rocks from. Cool places and keeping my pocket as. Like, a. Good luck charm for for whatever whatever that when I. Was twelve to yeah exactly But, I still do it I know I'm just but Deb, set me story today that I'm. Not alone twenty four percent of Americans say they carry a lucky charm with them twenty four percent, of Americans I. Know Chuck's, answers a no. No for you long ago oh what do you have it's a little like a Saint for travel it's in my. Wallet my grandmother gave little guy a. Little, coin My grandmother. Gave, it to all right? Deb green producer in the market do you. Have a lucky charm. I put it tattooed it to my hand You can put your hand up there, what is that it's the Virgin. Mary that's not the Virgin Mary? Yes it is come closer come over here That looks. Like an amoeba.

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