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The magic haul europe the pitch and football rockets. If you haven't got players with magic dust you gonna produce no magic. You going to be very boring and as a consequence if all we're gonna do is defend defend defend defend and lever best players out. Don't to motiva- on don't go to a game football because i don't want to watch the f. whether we win or enough. I'm not interested. I mean to take you on stepfather in in nineteen seventy in the. I had a bit of a bit of a problem. I was sitting right nice. And by the way he's been a great nation to quite recent as he caused to Best idea replan the game yet though very positive well. The greatest mosques destroyed I mean if you look at helmet shoulder and you look at garry southgate and you won't title wally. Wally bro in the paper. The manages via look showing what how much shown india in the early seventy ball beckham. Bow right midfield. Rather most is the most impressive planning not sixty sixty. Come on the by seventy. He was in the Bobby charlton thing with him. They canceled each ever. As i did at wembley well how michelle. This is fooled thinking hateful. Franz beckenbauer in the back fall alongside the big senator. Al anka was a paid him in the back four. Not as good about mason. You could back a good dinner. And i i i y so took as i laughed at that will. We don't have to be happy to tackle if you can sense. How if you can just make the bowl. But he put the probably the worst defendable germany into the back fall. I might show that nobody could mocking yet. That was david planted. The man and i see us like i'll do that when he was planning to. Swindon put himself in the back fall and he was just a point swindon techno vision An eighty was just on a different planet. I'm chelsea did it. we ruled route. Holy like put him in the back. Vanni was just on a different planet as well. This will thinking they should defend. This is putting grateful woods. Fullwood playas into defensive positions to give you an extra attacker and now we are now here. We are taking full without by team to exa defending gone from backwards into you. Know a People live years news before us because football years ago superior to what it is now because everybody is the same way thinking to you and i we. They wanted to see four enough. And i see somebody in a eighty. Something i think is an indian Broken a said that's brian Away said latifi will just like joke stain set. Bill shankly said these people in dhabi show be working autoweek to come and see you play so make. Sure you've got out there in chinatown exactly what you want to be excite and all of a sudden entertainment has gone out the window. A still football is still atomic business. People pay good money to watch people To be entertained. If i'm paying i'm buying aceticket chelsea are also suppose i want to see the best buys on the field. I don't wanna say to the round of the plas- plas- and that we plan. It has a house nation way. I plan eight defenders to start off the match. Now that to me a just sacrilege really as it was. It really taken defensive To a new level. I just into this statue thing i it's again it's the it's the suits it their fight and and you'll find in die in years to come. That says southgate will go onto the thigh kamei because that's where he belongs really absolutely going back to helmet sean and statues if we want to erect a statue in this country erect one of jimmy hogan because jimi was the fella the coach when throughout europe and taught them how to play football. It was very instrumental in the The austrian solid in the thirties with you go mazal. He's good friend. He was very instrumental. In teaching the hungarians supply football the doce supply football. In fact how mature was one of his pupils school address than where again. Jimmy hogan told the germans how to play football and when germany plied holland in the seventy. Four co porno. Jimmy was thinking passed away that year. And the head of the german federation to rezone congratulating He's father in teaching germany. How to play football the only country that jimmy didn't teach to play football. Surprisingly was the english. Because i always turn their back on him and his game was built upon his philosophy of governing fullwood passing skill and technique and really were would repeat what we've sown over the years because we've not listened to people with listen to the likes of charles use. Our agai master consequence is got worse and worse and worse more defensive. Finally i token a was I was thinking about george. Reiner as well when he was involved with Some great gripe plaza. They didn't It was very very clever tactically He with sustained arousa pinkett was Nine to cup off this tiny rasp for some unknown reason and he was turned down flat about the job. They people because i go and so it is still the same is because why Their own mind about that guy bureau. Mata got you golfing the f. I y you now. Even to the extent out was out for the f. Five apple definitely.

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