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Golic and wingo on the road. We are in Philadelphia. Just a stone's throw away from the link Lincoln financial fielder, chickens and pizza, and let's be honest. It's been a pretty good six seven months for eagles fans. Right. You guys have had a good time. Right. What I figured and they're getting their Mojo back is Carson Wentz comes back and it's gonna make his first start since that December game against the Rams last season. Were you twenty ACL and the L C L, but he's ready to go. The winds wagon is healed. So things are good. Things are really good on the eastern side of the state of Pennsylvania. Thanks, not so good on the western side of the state of Pennsylvania. I think eagles fans are just fine with all of that. By the way the Steelers have yet to win a game. They're all one in one. They tied the Browns. They got strafed by Pat Mahomes who junior and I've already put in the hall of fame. This is whatever you want Mike monks on that bandwagon. So there continues to be issues, and we we sell the Antonio Brown burst out in sidelines, which I don't give a bleep about. Because everybody does it the camera. Just caught on what happens all the time. Brady does it every week. But then he missed practice on Monday. And then he tweeted out of the former PR player watch trade we then find out when he made a remark basically that said Big Ben made him. So there's been a lot of angst over the last few days with the Steelers Antonio Brown did show up this week. And that did address the media for the first time in let's just say he was agitated losing a game again beat up forty. We haven't won a game for me as a still has. On a Ceylon beggar for the ball of making statements is you guys me I'm pissed off. We losing we sell. Well, they haven't lost by forty list. They gave up forty but he didn't lose by forty. So how much of this? Do you say, I get it? It's because they're losing their up to a bad start. There were thirteen and three last year, and how much do you say or do we have actual internal everything that's going on say again, tell me what's different tell me when this hasn't the losing. Yeah. Exactly, right. Antonio Brown has been questioned about his social media stuff before. I mean, when when we keep hearing about they have problems, they have problems Antonio Brown's the only one who's done something. I mean the old line. I spouted off too much about lay beyond Bill early on. We ever heard a bit from them dot coming back for a while. He's enjoying that jet skis. They're averaging almost thirty points game this offense. Antonio Brown is still getting the ball thrown to him. I'm I'm almost amazed as much as being made about this Antonio Brown. Listen, do I love. The fact I'm blaming the media for the headlines bla-bla-bla to me Antonio Brown is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah throwing the ball because he's a great receiver. And they're throwing the ball. Their defense is bad right now. We haven't heard boo from them. But they're giving up over thirty points against all. This other stuff means nothing to me nothing, and it's not going to change until the winning starts happening because you're right. That is the difference for a franchise that has one double digit games. The last four seasons has been a playoff contender the lab. Last four seasons and has found a way to make this work. And so you always I think see this. I think we saw this towards the end of the time in Seattle with the Seahawks comparing those teams again where you see a lot more the personalities that are on board compared to teams like the patriots who are the gold standard. In a lot of ways who are different in ways that make most of those comparisons irresponsible in my mind. But in this case, you see the way the personality differences kids show up when losing starts to happen. Absolutely. And look at the patriots make everything the outlier because of how excellent they've been for so long not against eagles, of course in the Super Bowl. But you know, it gets most teams, however as talented as that Steelers team has been like for example last year that game in early December when the patriots came to Heinz field the Steelers did everything right but win the game. And it just seems like they've been so talented yet. They haven't been able to find a way to put all the pieces together. And I think that's leading even more frustration when you realize Benz getting older on Bell's not there, the killer bees a windows called Davis is no longer there. He's with the raiders. Another team that has their own issue, by the way. So you wonder have they missed the opportunity to be everything this team could be with all the time to get it back again the offense when your average number thirty point you're doing, okay. I I'll say again that defensive side of the ball. We thought was going to be really big time this year, and they they haven't been there. Just yet. They're given up forty two points to the chiefs. And Jeremy Fowler says they're going to try and simplify things they're going to need to because they're playing the bucks and the hottest quarterbacks ABM.

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