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Man age 60 drowned at the Jersey Shore, having trouble interrupt surf. There was an advisor at the time. Mavlet Mayor Walter Last Acero says the seas were churning is Hurricane Paul that way offshore was battling it was battering Bermuda. Beaches nearby and seaside heights were closed yesterday after four water rescue seaside park reported five rescue's over three hours and the Gulf Coast is feeling Saudis wrath already, but landfall is hours away. Yet it's a slow moving hurricane. Two miles an hour, sucking up lots of gulf moisture. That is not good here, CBS news meteorologist David Parkinson just because you're not getting the eye wall of the storm does not mean you are immune to some pretty serious tornadoes that will be in addition to the deadly devastating flooding that is going to come out of the storm. In addition to the storm surge that is going to be up to the first floor of some houses, depending exactly where you are so lots of things going on with storm, But as of now, the main threat that you've got to deal with is the Rain, and it's probably not gonna stop until the end of Wednesday night as we speak. The outer bands are hitting the Florida Panhandle is just the beginning. Wouldn't it be nice if we could take some of that moisture and put it where it's needed? The Western wildfires were still raging, and four cities are now in the top 10 for worst air quality in the world at number one, Portland, Oregon. Then Seattle, Washington, San Francisco and L. A are not far behind Forthe end sixth KPIX reporter, Kevin felt he has more on the air quality in Palo Alto, California Palo Alto High School, the practice.

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