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We'll fall behind in the race, the future. Weather will build these vehicles and the batteries go in them here in the United States rely on other countries. Or that the job to build these vehicles and batteries are good pain union jobs with benefits jobs will sustain and grow the middle class and back in Washington this afternoon, Congress has passed legislation aimed at fighting hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. This new legislation would expedite federal reviews of hate crimes and provide grants to local law enforcement the House vote this afternoon now officially sending the bill to the president's desk. He has said he will sign this attacks against Asian Americans have risen during the pandemic. We've been telling you about this thousands of incidents coming in in the past year alone 503. We'll check over numbers in two minutes, but first can get back to the roads and traffic and weather together. Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Where did Again now, Mike, why don't we start south of the city here in the goal? It's busy on the expressway. You probably guessed that already South found is in fact crawling out of the O'Neill tunnel. Most of the way to the gas tank. A minor crash itself. Bag gone more delays. Granite have all the way to read 24. I've got at least 45 minutes from the tunnel to 24 north. Pounds tied up is well granted. Have a past Neponset circle coming up towards the tunnel, too. 1 28 South isn't terrible. We call it reduced speeds down through need him in dead of 95 self backs up after mechanic street down past 4 95 as well up to the north. Let's get the latest word on Rue one as we check in with the WBC news radio Road report, But I could see her. It looks like most of the delays at Linda's Street and reach 60 in Revere on Rue Plunder, unfounded cleared out, so that's nice. Farther up. It's a cases attic delays on Route one door found from s. We are just up toward the Lynnfield Tunnel South found on Rue one that's heavy at the jug Handle lights and TV. I'm pressed Anakin. The WBC is writing a road report. Elsewhere. 1 28 north as the usual stop and go through Lexington and Route three. A. A past 93 cell phone. Delay is coming through that Danvers Peabody stretch with that rough road surface. 93 is just grind from the only old tunnel up through Medford downtown. The lower deck is in bad, but the second bridge and the O'Neill tunnel are the Tobin Bridge Out found jammed all the way over the Ted Williams tunnel. Westbound backed up, and so is Storrow Drive from the Longfellow Bridge to Lefferts Circle. My King WBC's traffic on.

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