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Card deal with American Express. Delta shares today soared six percent rival United continental jumped two and a half percent. It was an overall mixed session to four Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrials lost seventy nine points, the S and P five hundred was little changed while the NASDAQ composite rose nineteen Facebook leapt three point three percent while apple rose one and a half percent. That's your money now. Here. Now are your political insights on this vote? We have twenty two as in fifteen knows a house oversight committee voted to authorize a subpoena in their investigation into White House security clearances the panel is looking into allegations made by a White House security advisor that dozens of denied security clearance. Applications were overruled by the Trump administration, including one for the president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, chairman Elijah Cummings accused the White House of retaliating against the whistle blower raising concerns inside the White House, and they targeted her for retaliation committee will subpoena. Former White House personnel security director Carl Kline President Trump says the vote on the GOP's new healthcare plan will be set for after the twenty twenty election. Meanwhile, Democrats question if there was a plan Trump reignited the healthcare debate last week, directing the Justice department tobacco full repeal of ObamaCare. Blindsiding members of his own party, Monaco, Sarabi ABC news wash. Washington. Reaction from two noted economists to President Trump's idea of closing our border with Mexico insane ABC's Pete combs has that story from Atlanta if the United States were to close its border with Mexico Emory University economist Tom Smith tells me it would be the equivalent of shooting ourselves right in the wallet. It's what we call an economic shock immediately one point seven billion dollars of cross border commerce. A day would grind to a halt. Ray hill is also an Emory. Economist be plenty of factories that say, let's go home for a month and come back when this is over oath, professor say closing the border would be cataclysmic. Pete combs ABC news, President Trump met with the head of NATO's secretary General John Stoltenberg Tuesday at the White House NATO's celebrating its seventieth birthday president questions from reporters while alongside Stoltenberg in the Oval Office, the president repeated his demands that NATO ally shoulder more of the financial burden. My father is German right was German born in a. Very wonderful place in Germany, I so I have a great feeling for Germany, but they're not paying what they should be paying paying close to one percent..

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