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You got a man with a movie? Yeah, That's right. He s so I said three ones, two threes and Jacobs and he said, and he snapped at me. Offense isn't the problem. Defense is the problem. I'm not making that trade. So I said All right, so he says no on that show. So the Raiders are going to make that trade. That's what he says. I mean, well, I want to Darren Waller, too. So he was not gonna let my response but we would not like that. Yeah, I take less draft picks. If you give me the child and Mm. Wonderful they were doing. Kyle pitches, the highest drafted tight end ever even more. Dica went five back in 63. That's right. Riley Odoms went five. Vernon Davis went six. Yeah, he did. Hello, Insulin. Six. This guy's the highest drafted tight end ever before, and they're saying the NFL compra Kyle pits. His daring Waller, who's a hell of a player, but I just found that guy off this know what a story is. He's a great but we don't talk about him. Enough. We don't with Kittel and Kelsey getting on and there you know, during Waller is a great player. Great. Yeah. So he says no on that, because he says offenses in the problem, I'd do it. If I was the Raiders. I'd do it. Three ones, two threes and Jacobs. I do in a second, but I think most fans would probably freak out or something like that. But everything by the way you mentioned Obviously, Julio, not don Julio. But Julio Jones, potentially, but I'm still if I was the 40 Niners, and I don't know what the Eagles are thinking. I don't I don't think they're gonna bring Zach Ertz back, man. I'd love to get Zack Earth. I mean, that would just be like, why would you but I already have. Julio Jones? Yeah. But I think Julio is gonna cost you more right and Just because of Kyle knows Julio and I know how much Kyle thinks olio. Loves the guy. Now the problem would be Uh, terrified. No, the new GM in Atlanta. Just what I hear doesn't wanna trade him in the end of the day, so there are suitors for him. He's gonna get traded. I mean, Aaron Rodgers is pure speculation, and that's him and David Dunne is doing it again. David done did it with Carson Palmer. Eyes doing it with to Sean Watson. How about Davis Mills going to the Houston Texans? That was interesting selection for them. He's a good player. He and Mom went back to back. That was interesting there. What 66 $67, but they was their first pick that the Houston had the whole draft and they took it in a quarterback and then tells you need tells you a lot. Well, it could have been what they value and David smells good player. But, you know, I think you have to brace for the Sean watching and I played down this year s. Oh, you're gonna have to figure that out. But I mean, Julio always going to be traded, I would think the way I mean, you talk so openly about trading a player. Like that. You know, I think you already made up her mind to trade him. And now you just they. They have to have the cap relief and Part of me thinks boy. If I'm Matt Ryan and you keep Julio and you give me Kyle pits, Let's go. Wow. That's what I would do if I was Atlanta because what they got they? Yeah, but there's a hard cap in this league, and I think they've already they've They've already decided what they're gonna do. It is a post June one. So he's a bit of the GM said he's available pretty much so then that somebody that would be traded Then they asked John about redoing Jimmy's contract. They think it was kind of phrased and correctly. I mean, would you restructure it? Move some money around. They have right now. You will be asked Lombardi about this last week. You can't take Julio Jones on the rest of what? Jimmy making the money that if his contract stay still, Jimmy doesn't have any guaranteed money. If I'm Garoppolo, Donny and I'm thinking Labor Day weekend, they cut me. Well, let's see how Trey Lance does in training camp. It's a possibility. I don't think they would, but So, you know, restructure. Now move some money around guarantee more money. You don't want to guarantee any future money. There may be a motivating factor for Jimmy to do that. And then that would come down to then what would find no and Rich McKay and Home Depot trade him to you in this division, because that would you think the 40 Niner offense is loaded with eligibles now put Julio Jones on this team. Well, you know what? I think Atlanta's in a different space than, say, the Packers with Rogers. If I'm the Packers, I want to get Rogers out of the NFC for obvious reasons. But if in Atlanta I'm rebuilding, and Julio Jones is not a quarterback, he's a really nice player. But if somebody's going to give me something better in the NFC than what the agency is that I'm trying to do the NFC. I think there's a devastating Rogers and Jones in that way. Don't you are? No. I wish you were the GM of the Atlanta felt Dan. Have a trade touchdown. Don Julio. No, I'm drinking down, Julio. I mean, think about that office. Now He's on the outside. Right on that. Can you put the ball in the slot? I mean, that's running back, John. Bring on my homies and his Galaxies, superstars and eligibles. Let's go. Because you just short of the offensive line. You put Don Julio on that on that with Debo ended your eligibles. Ugh! Ugh! Yuk is on fire, Debo, Julio and Kittel and a running back. In most of the values check would not be happy. Sorry, Jews, we're gonna play a game. We're gonna play you its second right tackle. I don't know. You have to become much no one will go to the juice formation will be the only running back of the fields to give you that. That's the other part of the 40. Niners. Don't use three wise. They probably used three wides, least of any team in football, but still, you might have to adapt. You know what you do you occur, Debo would be rotating in and out. Yeah, that's what you do there. Had both put her to do just really screw with everybody Get everybody could do that costume much. But yeah, maybe pretty good. Derek did his draft simulator. Two ones and car for Rogers is enough to ones in car the day today. He's ridiculous. You said. They don't first of all of them think they want Derek Carr? Jordan love in a much cheaper contract? Why would they do that? If I'm the Raiders, I think he has five years left, and I think I would. I would do three ones. Two threes and do throwing Jacobs. I think he's that good. Didn't tell anybody asked it to grow his hair like he's growing it and keep it. Keep it long. And I wanted to look like Stabler When he starts to go Gray. He has to go grab a drink. Nearly enough. Did he say? Yeah, that would be sweet, though. Give him 12. Let him grow it out to the old Raiders vibe going for fans to come back and throw left handed to make it more equitable because he's so damn good with his right hand filled life. There you go. All right, Susan said she was going to join us at 11 30. We'll get into some Giants discussion. It's good that they lead the NL West one month into this thing, but the injuries they started pile ups, Alaska, the latest It's popping Lennon here on the SportsCenter. Did you know you can listen to Papa in London? Your Google home. Smart speaker just say play. Okay? NPR. This traffic.

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