The House, Dr Ellen Hendrickson discussed on Advice from Mom - Episode 9: The Long Haul


If you're interested dr ellen hendrickson has researched the topic of perfectionism the podcast is called nine hidden signs of perfectionism in it she says perfectionism is tricky a tiny sprinkling can be good but a generous helping is paralysing and selfdefeating this podcast indeed made me realise if i am not all the symptoms i have many of them o o without an unhappy uh discovery a little bit i mean it sounds like this this listener is embracing the term perfectionist but the strongest points of the episode to me was when she talks about how it's fine to aim high but it's another thing to be paralysed in consumed by the fear of making mistakes and the fear of being judged which i think recently rejected a seeing the dark side of this perfectionism yes but that in itself that recognition and that reaching out to even asked the question absolutely the hardest step and the first step toward healing i love the idea of doing something physical i think that's really really empowering to learn something new as an accomplishment and i love the example you gave the guy who builds the house because he brings the power back into his life in a way that a corporation had kinda it sounds like kind of robbed him from his power but that house was totally under his control absolutely and i think that sense of control that you're talking about is so pivotal especially of the um the career building aspect.

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