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The giants. Run to the super bowl. So if you got the crosshairs you've got the you got the lazy to write on my chest. i'll take full responsibility. i'm raising the stakes right now. This is a poker game. I'm showing my chips to the middle of the table. I'm raising the anti anybody. Wants wants out get out. This team is going to the playoffs. And that team did go to the playoffs and jim fossil delivered on that promise and it was another one of those great guarantees in new york and it was an underrated soundbite and jim fossil was a great man. Condone this to his family. Yeah coz fossil was my first coach. She's the only coach. They gave me an opportunity to play in this league. And you don't necessarily think about people every day. But when i finally read this news and saudi past thought about something he'd be for me. My first opportunity started was on prime time it was it was against tampa bay buccaneers and we were really not playing. Well he looked at me. He said you know what this is the team that gave you a chance. You worked to earn this opportunity. Isn't this exactly what you've worked for. And he said he was happy to be the coach to give me that chance and when no other coach thought you were good enough to have you on their team. Here's the coach. Who decided to keep you because of your play even starts you because of the pure play in opportunity that you earned and he took his time and giving one of those great speeches that was four of their entire team and he looked at me and he pointed at me and he looked me in my eyes and he gave me something from his heart. I think that's who joe fossil was and that's who he should be remembered as for the football community for all of us. Whoever got an opportunity to play for and this is a huge loss of really good man countless people benefited from the belief that jim fossil instilled in them. Our thoughts are with the fossil family. Welcome outside lines. The emmy and peabody award. Winning show tackles the most important issues in sports. Sierra history time what college athletics is going to look like taking you beyond the headlines to every sport is yet your important but you're not as important as the menstrual with perspective from the best analysts in the business now for the first time the dallas cowboys be black quarterback who is one hundred percents of the outside the lines every saturday at nine am eastern on espn soccer. The nba playoffs in ufc to sixty three highlight our sports lineup. We'll have the euro matchup between turkey in italy friday afternoon on. Espn with belgium and russia. Saturday on abc game. Three of the western conference semifinals between the jazz and clippers. Is saturday at eight thirty eastern. We kept the night with ufc to sixty three on. Espn plus pay per view. Got you covered right here on. Espn and abc. Couple of weeks ago. That prescott said he's already ready to play. The season started right now. He does have quite a bit of time following his broken ankles still lead. You're looking back on the practice field out there today. He participated in seven on seven. Edwards is covering the cowboys. Ota's ed what's the team saying about that tells cowboys head coach. Mike mccarthy described quarterback dak prescott is being exactly where he needs to be as he continues his recovery from the leg and ankle injuries. That ended his twenty twenty season after just five games and required two surgeries prescott span. Held out of eleven on eleven work to this point to prevent any defenders from inadvertently falling into him. Mccarthy says that plan will be followed throughout this minicamp with the expectation being. He participates fully during training camp. Mccarthy said they believe the quarterback will be able to practice every day but also said they're not naive and recognized the possibility of adjustments being necessary for any player coming off a major joint injury. Things that i to say guys. It's fun to watch. dak move around other. It looks like he's moving around pretty good. There's pressure every season win in dallas cowboys. But who's going to be filling it most this season. Oh it's the defense. I mean the defense was like peppy. Look you stake last year. It was absolutely awful. We were talking about these record. Numbers being put up by dag. And all of these great wide receivers with those numbers were needed just to lose by not even to win football games. You replace mike nolan with dan. Quinn ukrainian a great defensive back coach. Joe wing who's been in this league for over a decade and you drive defense. Mike parsons kelvin. Joseph and you said you know what we're going to focus on getting better on that side of the ball to help offense. We know what data can do. We know what. Elliot do ceedee. Lamb amari cooper gallup. What are they going to do on the defensive side of the ball. Two new guys play well in case some of the old players get back to the form that got them paid by jerry jones. Say that's actually why. I think the pressure is on mike mccarthy. Look no one's going to be like. Hey you know dan. Quinn can't coach backs the mike mccarthy fires defensive coordinator hire new one. Mike nolan was his higher. That was his fault. We technically why they year ago. And i'll -fensive festively. Everyone believes in duct. Prescott got the quarterback under contract. He's healthy. he's got plenty of good players around him. Zeke elliot probably should have a bounce back year. Offense is the background of mike mccarthy. I actually think this is a situation now where you go. Look the if they're not winning. People aren't going to blame. That people are gonna blame dan. Quinn people are going to blame. Mike mccarthy so i think that's really where the pressure is much things on the hot seat to lose his job but that's the plane if they have another losing season because the previous four years under jason garrett they were five hundred or better listen. I think tim's points are well taken. But i think there's something about putting a cowboys. John blast that's become a sport. I won't give we do that for jason season. It's a people's putting mike mccarthy on blast okay. Do i agree with what you're saying. But hey mike mccarthy your seats get warm real fast for tim. Hasselbeck do listen permai. Nothing mike doesn't know there were six ten last year. It stinks your quarterback got hurt. We'll guess what. Mike tomlin went. Eight nate with duck. Hodges and mason rudolph like people and i can't imagine jerry jones cares so the reality is like the dallas cowboys your quarterbacks on a deal to pay a one hundred forty million dollars. I lost the bet that pay the pew would end up in. Nfl lives day. That's a whole different kind of we're saying that there's no pressure on track. There's no pressure on zeke. Is that really true. Those two guys you would.

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