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Favorite arts of all time. Singing. I'm trying all from that. Kevin. I think every word of the song, but. Somebody has to what we were talking. Ted Williams and Todd bet that. Oh, producer Tom tweeted out, we're talking about it, and I tweeted history, I'm still angry that DiMaggio won the MVP still I wasn't around as somebody writes it in look, who it was Maggio's in a record, though. Never be broken nutty forty-one, Hanky seventy games. Really? Oh, James work, our friend, James ward, who used to. Yeah. Yeah. James. Look a little deeper at the stats, bro. Many kind McGregor swagger thing. Cool, great job, at least James foil to his city. He's a New York fan for real student. So that's you know your your your your role with your roll with it. I'm very excited here on the program to turn the tables on me. I, I, I said this earlier, but a little context, I turn everything into a pun, right? It depends Tom dependent his last name is D Benedito pond. So I make him do Benz, what's doing. And the reason is I've had a myriad of, of radio hosts over the years. Many many, many co host. And most of them I, I love working with. There was one particular who is not easy to work with in this person made life miserable, for a lot of the people that work to this person. So. I just do constant the one thing that would drive them crazy as is I would just do puns. And and, and on the air and it became only way back. And so it just became a thing that I did I couldn't stop myself. And so sometimes they just slip out to the great consternation of the guys here on the show. So we're now going to play some of my punch of last few weeks. And Tom Benedetto's is going to judge them in a very special edition of its Benz. Let's find out what's on producer, Tom's mind. Time for. Biz but Tom lower continues. All right. So often. He he's defending the honor of the nineteen of the nineteen forty one Yankees because I guess someone's got who else. So once you got too excited about this, though. Hey, right. Yeah. I'm into apparently. I don't remember the they just come.

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