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Rival and current president petro. Pora Shinko is defeated. Throw. Throw throw. Bravo should Begley up. His time in office has been five years of disappointment war. Devastation f-foreign GDP emigration. Everything is bad. I can't think of anything good. Mr. Kalomo ski also has a personal motivation beyond simply being rival billionaires per professional that's appropriate Bucknell bunket schools, but no two years ago, petro para shaneco under pressure from international lenders announced that Mr. column. Skis prize asset, the country's largest commercial Bank crooked Bank was being nationalized financial. Investigators said there was a gaping five point five billion dollar hole in its balance sheet. They actually realized that that Bank could be a good source of funding for them personally and for their businesses. So this is Alexander. Donovan look who was the finance minister at the time. Effectively. These oligarchs were treating private Bank the deposits, which is their own. Yeah. Exactly. Well, piggyback. Yeah. It's a big thing. Mr. Kalomo ski tells me it's all lies, and if the investigators can locate the missing billions he'd give it back, but the loss of his Bank has sharpened his focus on seeing Mr. Parrish Inco loose. So is this election, then your chance to get revenge for what happened with private Bank? This is not about this is about Justice. And restoring my honest name Mr..

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