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LA tells can X. taking individual precautions against the disease benefits everyone those stories coming up in the next fifteen minutes right now it's one fifty traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives with just hours telling downtown LA the CHP has extended their secular until two thirty and this so let's just to go over what's going on there this is a cement truck on a side and that's on the town of west transition to the north bound one tennis cement truck on its side and doesn't have much of a load inside of its barrel so that's the good news and it is that the fuel because probably the big problem right now so whether running a traffic break there let's just take a peek and see what's going on traffic isn't well it is affecting right now looks like they're blocking up the connector again so you're backed up to about main street if you need to get up into downtown might as well just get off the main or maple right there and or you're gonna have to go back or go forward and get off at Vermont's and back up that way now we have a situation brewing in Glendora this is on the north down fifty seven before Errol highway traffic get break is being run from via Verde this is has all lanes blocked said just after Covino Boulevard and this is a two car crash with lots of debris in lanes so we'll keep an eye on that one for you as well getting up towards the two ten connector there on the northbound fifty seven you could get off at Covino Boulevard and then the take a right to Errol highway Errol highway I will go back to the fifty seven and then you can get back on that way I do believe that said that so that's a good way or if you want to avoid that altogether that stretch between the fifty seven of the two temp get off the Covino Boulevard make a right on Errol highway then to go to San demus Avenue and hang a left that'll get you back to the two ten year old void everything that supports coming up at one twenty five I'm least hours more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio scattered showers at around a twenty to thirty percent chance throughout the area we'll slowly add a little more into the rain back as we continue that way for the weekend hi.

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