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You know people that just wanted to do a good job they don't wanna be warren buffett they just want to make a difference in people's lives that suggests in the mr buffet doesn't been you get my drift show you know if you price yourself out it's it's it's very unfortunate and it makes for a very difficult um a very difficult existence which i can understand i think the epi center of what we're talking about now is just ridiculous mount of money it cost to live in said california parts of i when i mean you're you're i mean i don't want to use the word jackass and over creation but i will i it's it's i mean we're looking to go ahead and by down here because i'm like i'm tired of paying these high rents might as well pay ourselves back and so even though you know we're going to have to dig deep and tightened some belts to get that downpayment for a place down here i just i can't i i just can't in good faith continue shelling out rent money for a place that's not even mine and it win the rents are as high as they are a veteran loyd all bermuda trillion unlock and that part of that too the people talk about valium doesn't drive and everything up and it has a ripple you know you throw that pebble in san francisco and it has sort of urban sprawl effect people just to your point moved further and further out and that just drives everything higher but you wonder at a certain point how sustainable is it i'm not certain it is in the in terms of live ability you hope it breaks at some point but if it breaks it's going to break because something bad happened so you know it's like m defeat do dan you know it's just not i don't want to get all you know dire here for my men in court cell but you brought it up a good night's i gotta let you.

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