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S, already reeling from lost business during the Corona virus lock down are now grappling with the possibility of higher prices. New tariffs this we could go asshole I as 100% on top of the 25% tariffs and acted this past October, forcing high end specialty bars with European imports. To pass the prices on to consumers. In Singapore, a mansion slash museum that would put the semi fictional world of crazy rich Asians to shame has hit the market for $45 million. House, known as a good class bungalow is a type of property in the land scarce city state that is especially prized among the ultra rich of the 500 relics on view AR 15 ton stone lions rare bone sculptures. And Ting Dynasty sell paintings on sale as well for the right price. Amanda Rhodey Bloomberg Radio Enjoy. New Jersey Institute of Technology makes Innovation happen. NGO faculty meant toward Christoph Camacho when he was a student, helping him co found a startup and patent a device that uses drone technology for reforestation and to collect valuable data for land management. I found it Territories back in 2016. Taking what I've learned from my research and ditsy and my green. It's who started our technology to really enhance land management operations. So we worked very closely with land management companies. So we have a drone that performs precision reforestation, and we just storm damage assessment..

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