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That's tough itself. Oh, they're used a seven foot. By way of Minnesota. The number one pick. The Portland Trail Blazers, they select. Mike. Yes. House basically selected in the closet. That's kind of. Late a call for me. Zack, what good morning guys put. If you're going to put if you're gonna have a conversation about Chuck Norris. You're gonna put Jackie Chan. There's no, you can forget about Bruce Lee would. That was that was the died young man. This aging he did. This was aging is aging. Well, I think he thought you says something else. You just try to horn that joke in, aren't you've been trying to get that job to work for forty, five minutes now, mess around and be. Just say shots, Dogan you're so hard. So you can say shots out to you. Tommy Tommy listening, Michael, you'll talk about the greatest martial artists in movies, no aging action stars, who who's your favorite aging actions? Disagree question. Like we're talking during your fifty s to kick an ass. Yeah, believably. Yeah, Chuck Norris was up there. Not only list Michael. He did not have Chuck Norris on the list, really did not loud. Beating guys with guns. Let's see. Jackie Chan number three. Jet Li nine. Eleven? Okay. Yeah, like jet. Let's see. Oh, Steven. Seagal got to be the one. No, not on the list. No, you're not even on the list. You got fat tours. I believe that anymore. That's only tail walking around and. Ole sense as like in the sixties. It's still beat up guys twenty because the black belt and red belt martial arts, Jackie Chan jet Li, they're old men. Yeah, Daniel, Craig enough is he's old enough, but I didn't put him in a less because really JAMES BOND was like the only Royal rose w. Seven. That's pretty much. Yeah. All gun anyway. John JAMES BOND gadgets. No, he fights. He definitely fights. Michael. Do you believe that Chuck Norris was shunned on those? Oh, yeah, definitely. Yeah. It's still can. Do you keep talking about Kobe Steel over fifty nine. I see. Kobe mind probably can go for double digits in one game every season every night. Yeah, but he gonna get some rest. Yeah, three nine thirty nine. Yeah. But I saw him week week ago, so still looks good to me. Yeah, about a week ago. Yeah, he's gonna be one of these guys looks like he put on too much weight. Toby Bryant, everything before we get to that Raj wants to take this call because there is a real big omission that missing somebody. James tell them who James, who they missing. Completely forgot about the damn. Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I purposely didn't put him on. Put him on the muscles from Brussels, what's wrong with you? Because once he got in his forties, he was no longer Vandamme van Damme. And most of these guys that I've listed are in their fifty s above and doing it. I say aging. If van was aging in his forties, then I'm senior citizen close to sixty. Now is he kicking my ass or what about all? Unfortunately, he's on the list. Number number to show LeBron's number one. Let's see who I missing number one. If it's not that Bruce Lee died too young was he black? White, Asian American Hughes, white white list is top ten. Aging. He's white aging, Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise. No, he's five, six be nobody well, okay. Okay. Shelley. Jamie Jay's a martial artist? Yes, martial arts. The last arrow. That's a fake list of number. Why are you crazy? You kidding, for example, would ask you. Whatever Jane LeBron James on Jay down with Rachel Nichols said nothing. What I say. Almost been saying..

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