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Doing great things in the community i'm getting be me because that's who the people want to see i mean the media constantly gets mad at bill belichick and all these guys and even my new or my schools new coach chip kelly forgiven one toured responses and they're getting mad at him like give us more and then i give you guys more and then you guys lose your minds over it so like fiqh which one you want a lot of people love that here's something that nobody can deny you can't argue with me on what i'm about to say of the five quarterbacks were talking about in this draft two of them come across according to the critics as cocky josh rosen baker mayfield now nobody thinks lamar jackson's cocky in fact he's been very quiet nobody thinks josh allen cocky he's been pretty quiet nobody thinks sam darnold is cocky he said all the right stuff let's just agree we both know this whether you like me or not or like my opinions baker mayfield in josh rosen are the two quarterbacks in this draft that have come across as cocky to their critics here's the thing there's a difference with their cockiness josh rosen's only cocky with words those disappear into the either baker mayfield allows his cockiness to become actions i mean how cocky do you have to be to run from the cops baker mayfield did that to taunt somebody on national tv to grab your junk that's cockiness that becomes actions if you run from the police which he did you're saying i'm above the law how can they arrest me this is absolute nonsense i'm going to get out of this who are they thinking they are i'm above this situation i will not be arrested that's cockiness that becomes an action josh rosen cockiness is words i'm going to be great i'm just going to say it out loud baker mayfield's cockiness becomes decisions.

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