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It's also so goddamn funny like the scariest thing is the return the slab. Then you have used this. What's your offer i. S is a perfect mix of like we every time he's trying to negotiate with this other worldly speed the perfect mix of like some fucked up acid trip type horror and funny shit ever so one of my friends described it as you. It's the world through the doll. dogs is. it's the dogs perspective. That's dodge was backwards. Dogs are fucking miserable. Anxiety riddled dog. I my my dog is kind of like that. Not not so bad. But she has betting zayed's sometimes i want to give her some. Cbd come down but courage you that courage is in the middle of fucking nowhere. Got no activities to do. Use is an abusive. Owner really is stupid doc. Mary we looked back talking hopeless. She doesn't rock in that chair. Great heart though hard gold. Yeah all right. Let's move onto the dexter trailer. What do you think is it looking. Good it got it. Got got my Downpour on youtube no. It made me like very interested. Because like i've talked about like dexter is one of my favorite shows of all time. I loved the character of the first four seasons output up there pretty much anything i've watched and ever since then the decline was wasn't an immediate decline. It was an obvious drop in quality. But it's still very much watchable. Put the finale or something that is like the worst possible. Finale you can do. I feel like a good finale for that show could have saved it but Sounds like thrones. That really. Because i think game of thrones at the end like it's something where everyone's like remake season remakes using. It's like well we know what season eight like. That's the end that was supposed to be. The andrews has done poorly. And you can't like extent we're just gonna do a new season but we know where these characters engineers is dead like. We'll be pointless with this. Like dexter was left alive a non nothing ending. Well now we can get the guy who is there for the earlier seasons and the good stuff that come back and it's like sure some of the story ended but there's still a lot you can do with that character. Some of the characters aren't going to be there anymore anymore unfortunately but like for that character. There's still stuff to explore and like the show is dexter. I game of thrones wasn't just a john show if it was just a johnson jon snow show Then maybe you could take him going into while and three explore that cadre. There is so much so many other moving parts. Where dexter is more focused on dexter. So if you leave that window open. I think it's a more natural transition to be like. Okay maybe eight years later. Let's try to get the ending it deserves. And it's great to see michael c hall. Come back i think he is. One of the more underrated television actors of all time with that character. Obviously the bryan cranston james gandolfini and like the way he plays like character. I think he's like maybe not at that top level. But he's in a discussion. Est like some like one of the best leads. I think in the drama series over.

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