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With the Mets and the red Sox plenty of hoops today is a let's go to the NBA with four games going on right now the nets down twenty two in the fourth quarter against the league leading box it's one of three eighty one Yanis what a double double twenty nine points twelve rebounds second quarter action Boston sons up fifty three forty on the Celts the Knicks keeping a close at home the late in the first against the Sixers Philly leading twenty to nineteen and with two fifteen to go in the first quarter it's the pistons twenty nine and the hawks twenty one one final from this afternoon the clippers one import the one thirty three one thirty Kawhi Leonard with thirty nine in the win for LA and the Blazers were involved in a five player trade with the Kingsport when shed over twelve million in salary Sacramento also receive two future second round picks college hoops one day I'm going on it right now and number three Duke is battling back at home there in the second half against Louisville with six minutes left Parnell's lead big early on but now I believe it is down to three number two Baylor stood up okay state seventy five sixty eight number four Auburn a number five but we're both lost on the road Kansas Oregon Florida state and Kentucky finish the top ten with wins case they knocked off forty Frank West Virginia eighty four sixty eight Houston defeated number sixteen which of us they by eleven Villanova and Maryland both one at home number eighteen Seton hall with a three point win against St John's Colorado and Ohio state both fell on the road the end of the poles saw wins for Texas tech Illinois and creating I'm very concerned this is that killed catch me at six PM eastern three PM Pacific to talk sports right here on CBS sports radio he was born Judy Anthony.

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