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Yep. That's how they should have. Brought you. Thanks. Thank you. I think that that makes sense. Hard to really well. Yes. Or no. Say it's hard to analyze it. So far out in front of the draft itself. Like, we haven't talked about any names or players or position groups. Nobody's come on and said running back strong wide receivers are weak or anything like that. But so be it mean the draft. It'll the draft could be tonight. And it's not like anybody's gonna know. How guys are gonna do. Yeah. So you don't have to have that information our guy yesterday Trump Paso while you were off said this receiver class will will approach the levels of the fourteen class. That's good, which sounds pretty nice. And again, that's without a guy that maybe belongs way up high where Watkins got picked. But that there's a a a body of guys there that should be like really helping maybe help really soon when did juju Smith Schuster get picked round two. After. Traded him today. He's good, right? I mean, he's got Schuster. Yeah. Yeah. He's he's good. I traded him. You gotta you gotta notification about Email deal traded in for Christian, McCaffrey. And a four player train, I opened it. And then I immediately hated myself again with this because they're just mad. You're mad about being mad at this a lot of self loathing going on right now. Yes, I'm starting to worry. Well. I'll dig out. We'll be right back with more. Mike Chopin the bulldog. I hope we'll make it through this break. This is WJR. This week..

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