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And i'm i'm asking this question with genuine curiosity. I don't even know how. Many landmines there are around it for you but jason whitlock. I remember him saying one time. There are no people who dislike jason whitlock. they're only people who don't know jason wedlock and that. That may have been true true once upon a time. But i feel i don't feel like he's gone off the deep end. I haven't talked to him in a long time. But it's been it's bummed me out. What's what's happened with him in terms. I know i don't like him so there's one true story. Quick story jason. Also once wrote when someone back when jason james wants time you might not know. This was an excellent sports columnist. You could argue you and jason at one point in time the two best in the country. One time jason was when a mailbag column. And this was i would. Argument is writing. Had waxed or waned whichever the one getting worse is a bit and someone was like you know jason. I love your writing. But it seems like you don't put a point on your columns like they that you don't really put an end in conclusion and his response was. I know this is going to sound arrogant. But i've heard that criticism my whole career people are just upset. My columns are over and that was a good encapsulation like he doesn't get it. It's like no. It's actually just not great again piece. Actually you just think people are like. Where's more jason. That's great i. Actually that's comedic -ly perfect. I love so jason. And i both were in kansas city and fairness to him when i got there. He was the biggest not making jokers figuratively. The biggest fish in the pond. And i was the night guy. And i also disagreed with a lot of his non-sports takes and so i took a lot of shots so he didn't like me game city. We somehow seemingly reconciled because he did his farewell show on my show but then like six months later he called into my show uninvited and basically did twenty minutes on me about how. I'm pretend like ashamed of my upbringing. Which was black. It's an unbelievable twenty minutes like section of who he thinks. I am fast. Five years. I get hundred by fox. Fox doesn't have at the time a lot of employees like it's very small. He just hired colin. Skip one near yet. Like if i'm going to be on tv..

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