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We have beaten the odds every step of the way world so everybody's calling Bernie Sanders the front runner all because he took the popular vote by a couple of points in in New Hampshire there but in a strange thing because of the way the delegates were portion coming out of Iowa Pete booted judge actually has I think one more delegate that he's one so I guess he also has as some claiming status there for the front runner spot and of course the Clementon is with Amy clover shar who came out of the back of the pack after a strong debate showing last Friday night in New Hampshire lot of folks in the exit polls saying that they were convinced especially those who are remaining undecided up until the last minute said saying they were convinced when I saw her on the debate stage that they're going to vote for her and she came in a solid third place and of course that's a real disappointment to out to folks who were considered prime candidates for the nomination not too long ago of course as senator Elizabeth Warren from neighboring Massachusetts who came in fourth and in a distant fifth place was sent I was a former vice president Joe Biden who left the state even before all the polls were close even before some of the people got to the polls to vote he was already on his way to South Carolina where he is apparently hoping that he will do better there in the primary coming up in South Carolina which has a much more diverse electorate that has a strong African American vote to and where he's always been popular although his numbers there have been almost cut in half in the last couple of weeks so that's that's where we're going right there it looks it looks as if if you add the numbers with any clover shar to what that Pete brutish judge got the the two moderates the centrists in the race there that they actually you know edge out the the liberal substantially so maybe that's a sign of something to come or just could be a sign of The New Hampshire voters and what and what they're doing all right so Steve Kassebaum has been covering the race up in Nashua New Hampshire and here Steve Michael Jackson.

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