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In sports. Wall Street ended mostly lower. Today We'll have the closing numbers in a moment. Mary Vandeveld has your traffic update. Traffic is sponsored by the Illinois Department of Transportation. The Edens is easing up no big delays there, but on the Kennedy up under the airport, 50 minutes 40 coming in still have this car fire being cleared on the inbound side of the 29 extension at 83, but the two right lanes remain blocked. Outbound manhunt 35 minutes, Alban Stevenson 55 in the tri state with an accident at 53 after the side south on 55 round 1 26. In the left lane. The Ryan is slow, most way outbound from 31st out to about 63rd Outbound 57 Sylvan accident. 127th in the two right lanes by vehicles were involved in that they're still clearing it. Csaba Lakeshore Drive Monroe to Balboni Rund Soldier Field to Monroe and also fallen power cables. Still raw 1 37 at River Road Police activity, Westside Central and Fulton driving, biking or walking responsibly, Really, as a matter of life or death, Learn more online or through social media at life or death. Illinois dot com. Urban about WGN traffic. Central combat crews are already working to restore restore electricity for those who lost power when severe weather slammed the area earlier this afternoon. John chain is with comment. Right now. We've got about 24,000 customers that are out of power from the storms that came through earlier. Um most of the most the outages are in our South region. But we've got crews out already starting to, uh, do restoration. We're hoping to get everybody back up as quickly and as safely as possible. He says he doesn't have a.

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