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But guess what? Rocket can. Hey, Thanks for being with us Trash Tuesdays on the docket. If you have something annoying you bugging you. Tweet at me D a on CBS. And we will read through those over the course of this morning show. Also, you can call me up and let me know what you're venting about. On the phones at 855 to 1 to four, CBS were stunned to a news In 20 minutes in 40 minutes, the bucks add another veteran running back, Will it end? That's coming up this hour? One hour from now, from the deadliest catch on Discovery Channel Captain Wild Bill. New Season of deadliest Catch The Captain Wild Bill is gonna join us one hour from now. Get in the trash. Tuesday 855 to 1 to four CBS. We finished off last hour talking about this story that they're gonna make a movie Adam Sandler's production company making a movie. About the year that Sean Payton was suspended for bounty gate and ended up with nothing do so he coached his son, Sixth grade football team. The Liberty Christian warriors just outside of Dallas, he was not allowed to partake in the states Remember? Or as I believe that was a joke, Vic Year for not mistaken, sounds right. That was a seven Niner. Nate Nate Jovic year were breeze was there but didn't make the playoffs. Rough season, the Bounty gate season where Sean Pain was suspended. So they're gonna make a movie about this because, you know Ha ha Yuck! Yuck Elbow in the rib cage, NFL coach, frustrated coaching six year olds or sixth graders. And It's kind of like a little giants meets a mighty ducks right, whereas because Emilio Estevez is a fallen star who is forced to coach a ragtag bunch of hockey players. And kids and has to try to recapture his fallen glory were little giants is also the story of a ragtag group of football players. But they're coached by Rick Moranis, who knows nothing about football, but has to go against his brother who knows everything about football. It is a star. Former football player himself, So it's got little Giants meets Mighty Ducks. I think that's a great cop. The only thing we don't know which who knows what they glorify in the movie was was Sean Payton walking into a disaster sixth grade rag tag team, or were they kind of a machine that just needed a head coach to put him over the top? That's true, because Friday night lights and Texas might suggest. Just outside of Dallas that he was walking into 1/6 grade power house and just had to, you know, It could run it its own and won a state title or whatever. They were competing for the Warriors of Liberty, Christian, But here's what's annoying about this number one we were talking about whether Kevin James with right The right role for him, and he doesn't look like Sean Payton. So Peyton kind of amenities. It's inspired by Sean Payne's life, but not directly. Sean paints life so Kevin James doesn't look like Sean Payton. I don't know if Kevin James strikes you as a Super Bowl winning head coach. Kevin James, You had a better idea for a movie that Netflix should should produce with Kevin James in a football coach. Yeah, it kind of goes in a line of happy Madison Productions. They did that fan test. The critically acclaimed movie Jack and Jill were Adam Sandler played a twin brother and sister at the same time, I think you're kind of used that technology And you have Kevin James play both Rob Ryan and Rex Ryan, arguing at a cracker barrel over an omelet before a game. I think that's the movie that happy Madison production should be using Kevin James, four. I kind of like that idea of like the rowdy Ryan brothers as rambunctious young assistant coaches. Don't know if they were the staff of Buddy right in Arizona. I think they both were but like when they're 20 something, and they're just partying and crush in cases of Keystone light and just going out and doing shots off of bartenders and stuff. Then dragging their butts to practice the next day for film room with Dad, That's that's a Kevin James movie right there. Yeah. But here's the annoying part. You know how this became made. Meghan. Peyton, Sean Payton's daughter, and she's an aspiring journalist, I think, and she did a piece for the NFL network. Looking back on that season, where Dad was coaching my brothers sixth grade football team. It just so happens. Megan's boyfriend is Christie to tone Chris two tone. Is an actor. Who works for Happy Madison Productions. So Sean Payton's daughter, dates and actor that works without of Sandler, in fact, Chris two tone. Was had bit roles in speaking of Jack and Jill. He was quote. Angry moviegoer number two. And in that's my boy. Which I kind of liked Sandler and Who is that? Samberg Sandler Sandberg. He played hotel desk clerk number one Come on, and in the do over which I never saw. Looks like this is Sandler and David Spade. A beach with a gun. Oh, another it he played the musty swamp bartender. And in pixels. He played a soccer player unnamed. So these are the kinds of roles that Chris Two tone is getting. Although his IMDB profile says Chris is an up and coming comedic star. Has provided big laughs in a number of Adam Sandler films from That's my blood, My boy to grown ups, too. But this is the boyfriend of Sean Payton's daughter. Who reported on the story, and Chris to tone is Adam Sandler's brother in law. So he must be the younger brother. Of Adam Sandler's wife. Uh, So Adam Sandler's wife has younger brother Sandler says, Okay, if you wanna be an actor come on, and I'll put it on my happy Madison Pictures with some unnamed Jerky roles. He date Sean Payton's daughter. Sean Payton's daughter happens to be able to because she champagne's daughter do a piece for NFL network on Dad coaching. You know, my brother Sixth grade team, and that's how this gets made. And that's what's so frustrating. Arise your story. Your life your West Babylon base. Sure, absurdity on a daily basis is a much richer. Wilt of experience and comedy to make Kevin James film, then Sean Payton coach in the sixth grade team, which is not.

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