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From my predecessor that the days of the United States rolling over The face of Russia's aggressive actions interfering with our elections. Cyber attacks Poisoning its citizens are over. President also directed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to review the global footprint of U. S forces to make sure it's appropriate for national security. That's Fox's Trace Gallagher the January jobs reportedly released this morning. Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal forecast that employers added 50,000 jobs last month following a 140,000 decline in December. That marked the first decrease in payrolls in seven months. The unemployment rate is forecast to hold steady at 6.7% cold weather, Sir. June Colbern 19 cases and the threat of new variants of the virus have contributed to a winner. Slow down that has put a dent in the labor market's recovery. Service industries, particularly leisure and hospitality, have struggled to bounce back. While manufacturing has become a bright spot is demand for goods picks up. Hillary Barsky Fox, New City of Austin will pick up the tab on a new hotel for the homeless, and Williams and County There was widespread pushback in Northwest Austin and Williamson County. But it all fell on deaf ears at Austin City Hall as the council's moving forward with the nine and Half million dollar purchase of Candlewood Suites. Councilman breakers are thinks the prize is well worth. It tells us you mentioned I will not only be homespun will provide key services, and that's only possible because of the critical work we've done around the budget. The property is valued by the county it millions of dollars less than what the city will pay. There was only one no vote that was council member Mackenzie Kelly, who found no support request to delay that vote until August. The Austin Council has also approved the homeless in Camden Assistance Link Initiative, or he'll initiative, which will reinstate camping bands in certain parts of the city. But it was not unanimous. Three council members voted against it. The opposition also had vocal activist saying. The hell initiative feels like a big step backwards. We cannot have any form of a resolution that would potentially re criminalize camping in Austin he cannot harm are unhappy neighbors. Suites, better destructive and inhumane in the city says through the hell resolution. The homeless and designated areas will be connected to housing and services and on Lee after that, well, the areas be off limits to camping. But on that note, say, Boston. Now the local nonprofit has begun its election campaign to bring back Austin's camping band citywide. The group's petition was certified in co founder Matt Mackowiak says they've got about 10 weeks to drum up enough voters support will reinstate that sees old no sit lie ordinances, he says. The city is now running up what the ballot will look like for the main election that they try to be infected. Too confusing or mistake what we're trying to do. We're going to stay within one hour. I have a lawyer who's ready to go. We're gonna be watching very, very, very carefully. Soviet believes it is not beyond the city to meddle with ballot warding in an effort to effect votes. John Cooley News radio K. L. B. J and it is fine 34. Now take a look. The roadways and Austin's on time traffic things air. Move along pretty well out there. For the most part, Not many problems reported at the moment. Watch out, though. Looks like North found Mo Pack at Windsor. We have a crash just reported minutes ago. Also some loose livestock out of S. H. 95 year Lund Road and Travis County. So watch out for that as well. Something else on the medical rescue roadways. Move along really well on this Friday morning. Here's the news radio K LBJ radar weather watch a shower in the area this morning. Otherwise it'll be partly sunny today behind 59 cloudy tonight, And although it 44 from the Weather Center, I'm still Volume. Edward 44 degrees right now in round rock. I'm Patrick Osborne Get Austin News on demand at news radio. K l B J. Com This is Dr Missed 25 years ago. Phone sports smart yet, and people still said Fax it to me. The Internet has changed a lot since 1996. But that's the last time comprehensive Internet regulations were past. That's why Facebook wants updated Internet regulations to set clear guidelines for addressing today's toughest challenges protecting privacy,.

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