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I know he's ilan did create a mountain toddler. He can't move and he can't. Well done sir so yeah sadly this is something that we see so often that anna rhoda fucking song about it but this one is getting more less social media than most because a there's a nanosecond of video of the beginning of the accident and be this crazy piece of shit had her eleven year old daughter in the car when she did this. Yeah no luckily and notice. I did not use the fucking were. Miraculously nobody was seriously injured. But jesus co pilot was arrested on charges of felony assault endangering a child and driving under suspension which strongly suggests that maybe jesus has failed to take the wheel on her before. Yeah he's also failed to take the wheel for every other car accident in history that yeah the racket. He's like a passive aggressive boyfriend. I want you to want me to take the wheel and even then he's still sucks driving right us. Yeah sounds like me on a thing. And so i should be clear that the reports we've seen on the suggest that she was not like drunk or high or anything like that at the time of the accident. The local story. I've seen on this points out. The officers at the hospital quote did not detect any signs of impairment from drugs or alcohol and quote. She told officers that she intentionally drove at a high rate speed without steering to quote test her faith with god end quote and apparently says she stood by her decision and thinks it was the right thing to do so when i point out that her religious zealotry didn't physically injured her daughter. I almost feel legally obligated to add yet. Yeah just really hope. This kid makes it long enough to drive mom to the hospital one day. Super slowly was like nah. No i know your chest hurts mom. But that's a yield sign. Hey hey hey. Hey maybe jesus will take the yield. We're having up. you're asleep. Broken not.

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