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Take a deep breath vers fans baseball will be back in twenty twenty the MLB Players Association released a statement Tuesday night saying that all remaining issues had been resolved players have agreed to report to training camps a week from today a sixteen game season is set to start on July the twenty third or the twenty fourth finally finally we have progress now at least we have something definitive a plan we have something in place and that's all we've been asking for is just tell us what's going to happen next that's E. S. P. N.'s Tim Kurkjian with a shortened season on the horizon Major League Baseball is taking the opportunity to toy around with some rule changes among those changes the National League will employ the DH this year and in extra innings a runner is going to start on second base to try to expedite the end of games that will not lead into the post season in twenty twenty in basketball the Milwaukee Bucks will officially get back together today they're starting training camp ahead of the NBA's restart on July the thirtieth today's also the day the players around the league have to inform their teams whether or not they're going to be making the trip down to Orlando the latest player to decide that he's going to set out his Lakers guard Avery Bradley Bradley started forty four games for the late show this season he's citing family concerns as the reason he's not going to make the trip this was a decision made really on behalf of their children ever they have three children a six year old son who has a history of respiratory issues and illness and they didn't believe he would be cleared medically to be able to go in the bottle Avery Bradley worried about leaving and bringing perhaps bringing something into his home coming out of the bubble and he just said as much as I love playing for the Lakers I want to win a championship I'm gonna put my family first and didn't want to do three months away from them that's E. S. P. N.'s Adrian ward gin owski totally understand more rationale there but none the less it could be a big loss for the championship contending Lakers wochit is also reporting that the Lakers are exploring the possibility of adding guard J. R. Smith to their roster to fill the void and finally in racing the FBI has determined that a news founded Bubba Wallace's garage at Talladega superspeedway was not a direct hate crime the object in question was apparently a garage door pull rope fashions like a news that had been in place since at least last fall ESPN's Michael will bond reacted to the outcome of the investigation I'm glad there's no hate crime I mean that I don't know how anybody decides that is anything but good news that the FBI is certain of this through its investigation and if there's no hate crime that's good the reaction of the drivers in support of a Wallace is still the reaction of drivers I mean they're saying any hints of this kind of behavior going forward we're not going to tolerate and we're going to stand with Bubba Wallace finished fourteenth in Monday's geico five hundred MG we talked about this earlier this morning I still am craving more information on this story like if it's a positive outcome right now because it wasn't a direct hate crime directed a bubble Wallace according to the FBI but we're still led to believe their NASCAR statement through the FBI's investigation that there was this garage door pull rope that was fashioned like a noose and was there since at least last fall which is October of twenty nineteen that still seems to me personally like a sign of some sort of racism that exists in that sport in our country right now I I I guess it's a good thing that it wasn't directed right at Bubba but I I'm craving more information here I know how to feel about that story seven eighteen at WTMJ boxer coming at least have a chance to win an NBA title this year and boxers certainly poised for great things happen to see the season coming to Howard dean chance I would expect the busted out from where they left off right dominating Middleton knocking down threes energy and effort let it fly you may not be the fans in.

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