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And I think next week we go through for smackdown for the elimination chamber match participants. But it'll be sixteen and the winner will get the WWE women's tag team championships. Be the first ones I think that that's perfect. You not you kill two birds one stone, you get to name the champions. You don't have to do at tournament style. Three birds, actually, and you get to have a women's elimination chamber match with a whole new spin on an whole new context, which I like. You know, I think. There's a lot of great choices. I think the riot squad would be a really good choice. I think that. They should give the riot squad the first tag team championship. So that Sasha banks in Bailey can go to wrestlemainia to try to defeat. The riot squad to get those titles always Sasha banks in Bailey can have their moment at wrestlemainia unless they're doing what they should be doing with Sasha banks. I mean, I guess you just need to be full on bad guide. But I do think that Sasha banks needs to. Embrace her attitude like, she's doing Rhonda Rousey. I think she needs to maintain it. So you've got the women's tag team title. And then the WWE championship the sustainable sources material is on the line. It's Daniel Bryan Samoa, Joe, Jeff hardy Mustafa Ali AJ styles. Randy orton. Those are the six guys. I'm kind of. I kind of wish they had found some room for Ramos cheerio, and or Andrey in that elimination chamber unless that's where they're going eventually for wrestlemainia because I do think the Daniel Bryan is gonna walk out of the elimination chamber with that sustainable goods championship. Think about all those guys except from we staff Ali have had their shots on at one time or another Jeff hardy hasn't really had any major WWE title shots since coming back a couple of years ago, but Samoa Joe's had a ton of title shots. AG styles. The last thing in the world. I want right now is for him to be champion again. I'm a big AJ styles fan. He does not need to be champion. Again. Randy Orton, we've seen him as champion one hundred times it could happen again. But hopefully, not. Daniel Bryan, you got Mustafa Ali. And then who am I missing Samoa, Joe, Jeff hardy? Yeah. I mean, I think I got him. All there. But yeah. So I see Daniel Bryan leaving with it just because you know, I don't think any of the others are great options. And I want that sustainable good championship to stick around for a while. And I would have to believe that if Samoa Joe walks out with the championship we're getting that leather out of the trash can and putting that bad boy right on our shoulder. So the question is if Daniel Bryan, and it's so hard to predict 'cause we also have fast lane. I think is in March. So we're doing elimination chamber and fast lane and then wrestlemainia. So a lot can change between now..

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