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99. 12 Boston Bloomberg, one Out of 61 to San Francisco Bloomberg 9 16 to the country, Sirius, XM Channel 1, 19 and around the Globe. The Bloomberg Business Act in Bloomberg radio dot com. This'll is Bloomberg Daybreak. It's 5 30 on Wall Street. Good morning. I'm Nathan Hager and I'm Karen Moscow. We're just about four hours away from the opening of us trading. Let's get you up to date on the news. You need to know at this hour outrage from Europe to the US this morning after Belarus ordered an emergency landing for a Ryan airplane crossing its airspace. Country, then arrested and removed. A journalist critical of the regime began more from Bloomberg's Maria today. Oh in Europe, European leaders are coming under pressure to issue more sanctions against Belarus. After a Ryanair flight was diverted and forced to land in mid square, a blogger critical Belarusian leader Lukashenko was arrested. The head of the European Council show, Michel said the issue will be debated by European leaders in a summit in Brussels today and will not go without consequences. In Brussels, Maria today Bloomberg a break Maria. Thank you Back here in the U. S. President Biden's infrastructure plans are in focus. The administration may be hitting resistance from Democrats on tax increases tied to the proposal. Let's get the latest live from Bloomberg's. We need a young lady to Nathan with just 50 Democrats in the Senate. The president's tax proposals are hitting resistance with no room for error. White House will release its most detailed plan yet in a report known as the Green Book. This includes a boost to corporate tax and capital gains taxes. But Bloomberg News has learned that congressional staffer already paring down preliminary ideas and fine tuning those proposals to make them workable from both policy and political standpoints. In New York. I'm really need a young Bloomberg Daybreak, ready to thank you turning to the markets. Now the wild ride for a crypto currencies continues over the weekend. Bitcoin saw double digit moves in other direction. Eric Lamb is across, answered reporter for Bloomberg News. It traditionally see a lot more heightened moves on the weekend just because it trades 24 77 days a week a supposed to traditional markets. And sometimes you see a little bit less liquidity on the weekends. Bloomberg, very Glam says. Despite the recent selloff, Bitcoin is still up 300% of the past year and checking it right now it's up 8.3% at $36,493 steel and iron or a declining this morning is China steps up its fight against soaring commodity prices. Beijing is summoning top executives to a meeting and threatening severe punishment for violations ranging from excessive speculation to spreading fake news and futures are higher S and P futures of 19 points down futures of 135 NASDAQ futures of 74 In the 10 year. Treasury. That'll change Has 1.61% they yield on the two year 20.15% Nynex Crude oil higher up 1.8% straight ahead your latest local headlines plus a check of sports. This is Bloomberg. It's 5 33 on Wall Street. Time to bring in Michael Bardo. Look what's going on in New York and around the world, Michael thank you very much. Nathan. New York City Mayor.

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