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Welcome to another episode of the world shapers. I'm Edward Well. It's your host. I started this podcast because I am a writer of science fiction and fantasy and I've always enjoyed talking to other writers about <hes> how they work and that's what this podcast is all about. I talk with a science fiction fantasy authors about their creative the process <hes> this is an exciting week for me. Today is August the third as I get this episode ready to go out and on August the six twenty twenty nine hundred in case you're listening to this truth years down the future <hes> on August sixth by <hes> Book World Shaper Book One in the World Shaper series from which this podcast cast takes its title. We'll be out in mass market paperback from Daw Books. <hes> it came out in trade paperback last September and then in September on on September tenth to be precise the trade paperback plus audiobook and e Book of Master of the World Book to in the world shapers series. We'll be coming out and I N during a giveaway for or a in paperback copy of world shaper and a autographed A. R. C. Advanced Reader's copy of master of the world. If you are hearing this almost as soon as it comes out because <hes> the deadline is coming up but if you're hearing this before August seventh which is when I'll do the draw just send be an email with the master of the world a R._c. and the subject line and the email address is e Willett e. w.. I L. L. E. T. T. at so sent me that email you in the dry and maybe you we'll be lucky. Winner of the first two books in the world shapers series that I'm writing in book three right now. The premise of the books is <hes> that there is a labyrinth shaped worlds and that within these worlds the people who've shaped them live they they have designed them to their liking. They all came from the first world originally our world but they're all in this labyrinth now and my main character Shana keys was driven out of her chic- world which she didn't even know she'd shaped she'd somehow forgotten it until Carl Yasser came and told her <hes> he also told her that there was <hes> this adversary who's trying to destroy the labyrinth and all the shaped worlds is taking them over one by one and that the adversary is now in her world and she ends up having to flee her world. <hes> that's the substance of the first book in the second book <hes> She's in another world which is what inspired by Jules Verne's which is why the book is called Master of the world after the Jules Verne title and that that one they have to deal with completely different situation and then the third book which I'm writing now will take place in a world that features empires and the wet liberals so I'm really having a lot of fun with that and I hope readers enjoy it to master the roads getting great reviews at a great publishers. Weekly review just had a great one from from book lists that basically said anybody who's interested in Geek Culture will enjoy this book because there are a lot of of Geek culture references Star Trek and star wars and all all sorts of things plus some musical theater stuff too because that's another one of my interests. I also wanted to mention that this blog has been shortlisted for an Aurora award. That's Canada's is a top science fiction award similar to the Hugo's voted on by the fans for best fan related work. <hes> the voting is open now so if you go to pre Aurora awards dot C. A. P. R. I. X A U.. R. O. R. A. W. A. R. D. S. Dot C._A.. You can enjoy if you are Canadian citizen or resident you can join the Canadian Science Fiction Fantasy Association for a mere ten dollars Canadian and then you will be eligible to vote for the AURORAS and if you maintain your membership to nominate for the next year end you will also receive a great voters package with many of the nominated works novels in short stories in and so forth so check that out if you're Canadian and <HES> and if you like this podcast <hes> feel free to vote for it for best fan related work right. I think that <hes> covers off everything I need to say off the top of the hour so let's get on with this episode's Guest Shelly Edina Shuttling Edina China is the author of twenty four novels published by Harlequin Warner and hatchet and more than a dozen more published by moonshell books our own independent press. She writes the magnificent devices Weiss's steam punk series which is what we'll be talking about. Primarily and Charlotte Henry also writes the rogues of Saint just series of Classic Gra Regency Knob Romance and as Edina sent sent writes the Lindbergh Township Amish series. It's an interesting mixture. She everything correctly. That's a miracle. She holds an M._F._A.. And writing popular fiction from Seton Hill University and is currently at work on a P._H._d.. In creative writing at Lancaster University in the U._K.. She won the Romance Writers of America Rita Award for for best inspirational novel in two thousand and five and was a finalist in two thousand and six and when she's not writing shelly is usually quilting sewing historical costumes rooms are enjoying the garden with her flock rescued chickens and yes chickens do come into the steam pipe puck. We're GONNA talk about today so welcome to the world shapers thank you. Thanks for having me over now. I wanted to tell you how I ended up reaching out to you. <hes> my wife is an engineer and one of her former classmates who is also an engineer Carol Basha who is a fan of the podcast and she said you know who you should get on there. There's this steam punk author that I really enjoy joy and you should reach out to her and so I did and so so you are so you were recommended to meet by <hes> a woman engineer which makes perfect sense it does actually you'd be surprised how many engineers are in my leadership witnessed all having read the book and I've hung out with a lot. I'm not an engineer myself but I I've written history book about the engineering in Saskatchewan and hang out with a lot of engineers because of my wife is former president of the association professional engineers and Geoscientists of this is Katrin so I have a lot of engineers in my circle of acquaintances and I married to one so there you go go well so <hes> we'll start by going back into into the past which is where you right so that kind of make sense but won't go quite that far back. We'll go back to win you. I became interested in writing in general and in writing the kind of thing that you write in particular so how how did that all begin for you. It began in third grade as a matter of fact we were given a writing assignment and I wrote this little story about a ghost dinner graveyard and my teacher Miss Gil Stein bless her heart wrote across the top in reading after giving me like ten out of ten she said Ooh you have me scared. which is you know what a lovely teacher would right there but the thing is I had never realized before that what went down on paper could affect people's emotions and yes it wasn't real but to my eight year old mind it was very real and I decided right then and there that this is what I was going to do when I grew up wispy writer so that's interesting to me because one thing I often ask riders on this podcast is if if when they started writing if they showed what they wrote two people <hes> does to see how they react to that kind of it all started with that and I'll get authors he'll say now? I never everyone to show it to anybody but I always think it's a it's it was precisely that it was sharing it with my classmates a little older than five and finding out that I was reading stories that they enjoy that actually kind of let me thank you know this kind of thing. Yeah I can tell stories of other people like and and clearly it happened for you very early and this is why neither of us has any fear of reviews. I guess that's it yeah Mike. My classmates were reviewers for sure that's for sure <hes> so after you were five how to progress from there well that that was eight years old and then in our in our neighborhood we used to two. We never played house that was for kids in the city. We played like adventure and so we'd watch episodes of the wild wild west with James West and Artem Est Gordon and as you know that was like steam punk back in the sixties soda at show I know me too so I always had to be James Sweat because I was the oldest but I really wanted to be artists. Gordon coming up with the cool tech so that's kind of where it embedded embedded itself in my mind and and time went on and I got educated and went through a couple of writing degrees and finally I came came up. I got the flash for book one of this steam punk series and it just took off from there all that sort of desire and and interest in in Victorian technology just came to the floor now you grew up on Canada's west coast. I'm young candidate but it a long way from there. You're in the cold part. That's for sure <hes> but did you would you went to the university that you go straight in with the the idea of going into creative writing or or did you start somewhere else well. I sort of had a circuitous way of getting there. My family was very blue collar so so my mom always wanted me to go to university but I wanted to travel so I moved to Alberta and saved up my money as much as I could and I went to Europe up and multiple times you know the backpacking trip to Europe that you do in your twenties and that kind of opened my mind a little more to other other cultures other languages I love languages and they come fairly easily so you'll notice that there's a lot of German and French as you progress through the series because it's a very multi national sort of series and and so once I had the traveling done I went to school. I emigrated added to the States and I started college when I was oh I don't know thirty or something and I always said I was going to get a license plate that said B._A.. By the two K. I was on the you know one classic quarter plan but I got it in ninety five and then I went into a masters program after that got two masters degrees in writing in that now I've I told my mom I was taken. This education trained at the end line so we're getting a P._H._d.. Now we're your undergraduate. Degree was in literature yeah. What what did that entail well? I had a creative writing minor so my my Undergrad thesis was a novel that will never see the light of day but it it gave me the confidence that I could finish a book so that it would be the very first one that you wrote to completion first of all you have to completion now. The first novel I wrote to completion was when I was thirteen. A Nancy drew real rip-off very adventurous. Did you write other longer things while you were still growing up other novel attempts are yeah well it took. It took me five years to write the Nancy drew rip off just because that's what you turn to when you're really introverted kid and you grow oh up in a religious group. That's closed and you don't have any friends that are outside the church and yet you want a larger life than the one you have so you make it on on paper. That's what I did. I think <hes> I think at that age when I first bought my very short story was called castor glass hyper ship testify because I had hit the science fiction thing really early cow but <hes> I also wrote. I you know I was reading Mike. <hes> there was a fella named William Galt. I think his name aim was and he wrote auto racing books in the fifties and so I went through that was my rip off. I tried to ride auto racing books never having driven a car. He's been to an auto race that I did. My best well I know and I was doing like massive. Adventures taking cruises in going to foreign countries in my characters are fourteen fourteen. My favorite vintage of Alia was the one I wrote called a ship from the unknown in which this strange ship shows up in my seaside seaside town which of course I'd never lived in either my characters were and they end up then there's a whole hidden high-tech civilization in the middle of the Amazon jungle which nobody knew about until until they got there and even I think you know we had satellites then. You couldn't hide something like that. What was I thinking that it was a lot of fun to write so we've been right when you're young? That's the main thing it's an an it's exercising your brain and giving it those muscles that it's going to need later on..

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