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Discover more at NSF dot gov. Now, a look back at this week in history this week in seventeen eighty eight Georgia votes to ratify the US constitution becoming the four state in the modern United States named after King George the second Georgia was first settled by Europeans in seventeen. Thirty three Georgia became the first southern state to ratify, the US constitution this week in one thousand nine hundred eighty two sergeant Joe Friday's famous catchphrase just the facts, ma'am. Enters American homes on NBC via new entertainment device. The television a popular radio series since nineteen forty nine to police drama dragnet became one of the first TV series filmed in Hollywood instead of New York. It also began a long nearly unbroken line of popular crime and police TV dramas this week in nineteen seventy four president Nixon signs, the emergency highway energy conservation act setting a new national maximum speed. Limit prior to nineteen seventy four individual states set speed limits within their boundaries and highway speed limits across the country range from forty miles per hour too. Eighty miles per hour. President Nixon signed a federal law lowering all national highway speeds to fifty five miles per hour. The acquis intended to force Americans to drive it speeds, Demore fuel-efficient and this week in one thousand nine hundred Panama's general Manuel Noriega after holding up for ten days at the Vatican embassy in Panama City surrenders to US military troops to face charges of drug trafficking. Noriega was flown to Miami the following day and crowds of citizens on the streets of Panama City rejoiced on July tenth nineteen Ninety-two. The former dictator was convicted of drug trafficking, money laundering, and racketeering and sentenced to forty years in prison. That's your look back at this week in history extremist live at camp, K dot com and on your iheartradio app. Follow us on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter at KABC K extends beyond classic latest. Breaking news as it happens. Traffic. Speeds are expected to slow the traffic and weather together every ten minutes as we hit through the night tonight. All of this will diminish in tomorrow's going to be a dry day. Sacramento's news, traffic and weather at the top and bottom of every hour. News Radio KFB K. Out of Washington. And we're also getting a big question. Mark. There is the White House. Press corps has been called. And there was nothing on the calendar.

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