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Trae young. Who we've all seen him shoot from deep and we'll see him get that floated off but it was really tonight was his assist his playmaking which is excellent passes like that to capella in a couple of collins collins in the corner that was just fantastic where he went up and went under two defenders hit causing the corner with a little wrap around trae. Young was true that one right there. Trae young is truly playmaking last night and it was great to see it. I'm not so sure that this is the seventy sixers series. I'm not gonna call for the hawks either but this does look wide open when you see. Joel embiid go over. Twelve in the second half looks like he needs treatment. Look he's getting picked on in the pick and roll. They can make this typical. For the seventy sixers pete and being in the building. Certain plays happen. Rejuvinated the hawks team and the crowd and you just showed a couple of those john collins. Dunks were game changes. The hawks were trelew for most of the game and then they finally got themselves back in the game and college dunks and trae. Young's passing were very crucial eighteen assists. He's only got before twenty three other than isaiah. Chris paul to have that many points and that many assists in a playoff game before turning twenty three years of age and he could have had a few more assists. He was out there playing around. You see the one hundred fastbreak. He tried to throw it out. The backboard go run down there their contest at tech contest at. But that just let you know how lock the trae young was is the playmaker and i also have to say one last eight for the casuals. Trae young is steph. Curry both are four level scores shelter. Iota philips my nephew who got that from with dan. A him dame is steph. Those guys already different category. He's also required to play. Make like that's what makes him different. The eighteen assists colby. He's their primary ball handler. He's their primary initiator of offense for the golden state warriors. That is draymond green. So i just wanted to show people. How different both of those guys are getting. Their numbers. steph. Is the best in the league. Moving off the ball cutting off. The ball pass relocate. He's the best at doing that how he gets. His thirty is way different in most cases other than shooting the long ball. They how trae young his numbers jalen..

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