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Okay so as I say. President trump gives this fairly ridiculous presser. and was I mean. Let's just be real about this. It was hilarious but can also be ridiculous. Many things can be true. Once that things things can be entertaining and also ridiculous. See every Michael Bay movie like ever or or John Woo's face offering many things are ridiculous and also wildly entertaining. But the the the the tut-tutting is what made trump president and maybe the tut-tutting that keeps from present. What I mean by that? Is that the wildness perception. That American politics in the absence from is perfectly healthy organism that American politics without trump is perfectly great and that is just trump who ruined. Everything is such my optic bullcrap. It really is. It's not true at aw if you WanNa talk about the institutions and the people who ruined American politics long before trump came on the scene. You'RE GONNA have to look across the aisle to Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi really let the cat out of the bag the other night eh. She ripped up from state of the Union address. Because she'd been trying to do this whole I'm above all this. I'm I'm so I'm above this. I'm the adult in the room. And then at the end of the state of the Union and in pre preordered fashion ramming. She had she had planned this. She tore up president trump state of the Union address. We know she planned this. Because there's actual video of her free ripping the paper because you WanNa make sure that her hands could actually get through the paper. It's why she knew that she wasn't going to try to rip up the entire speech. She separated into several parts manufacturing. She practiced this thing right so it was preordained. Childishness is preplanned childishness. And this has been the nature of American politics for a long time from not preplanned right. Trump is just. I'm going to go out there and spew childishness but the Democrats. It's been preplanned. It's been organized in. It's been backed by the media so the media were going nuts yesterday. Over president trump say the media before it gets it Pelosi because they're really two suspects aspect in my view in the death of American politics. Has I think trump's the corner not the murderer so core the actual suspects there are two real suspects in my view suspect number one is the media media and suspect number two are the Democrats who were cannon glove with media in the media are suspect because the media have been acting childish since day one. It was the media who are promoting the Bushes Hitler her Bush's awful Bush's lying about the war in Iraq bushes the danger to the community. He's a he's a chimp. He's an idiot. They did the same thing with Ronald Reagan. They've been doing it for decades and then it turns out that the American people bridled against that and they went to other sources of information and the media just doubled down on all of this. The media lost all of their legitimacy long before trump came on scene one again. It's so funny. The media declared trump the murderer of the media because he says be because he says things like fake news all the time they fake news. The Oh my God oh my God attacks on the press press guys. We all knew that you were fake. News trump just set it gave Newt Gingrich said it in two thousand twelve and got a bump in the Republican primaries. They has been a long going narrative on the right and it is not untrue. And we say you're fake news doesn't mean everything that you report is fake. It means that all of you who portray yourselves as the journalistic explainers of the world. All of you who portray yourself as the objective journalists who are attempting to bring fat and separated from opinion. Nearly all of your Democrats and you filter everything through that Democrat Lens. That's what makes you fake news if you if you say your opinion news you're not fake your exactly what you say you are but you know and so this is why everytime trump does something and the media reveal their own biased asked and reveal their own predilections all their doings underscoring why trump is the corner. Not The murderer. So here is here's what. CNN was doing during trump's speech. Yesterday Saturday I mean this was their Kyron right. Is There Chiron. Kyron is supposed to be the objective description of what is going on no editorial ization instead of trump speaks from east east room in acquittal. Celebration there Chiron yesterday said trump vindictive and vulgar in impeachment acquittal. Celebration again that's that's editorializing. It's clear editorializing realizing so. I'm supposed to think that president trump ripping on CNN is somehow inappropriate when CNN is ripping on trump. Now you may think that it was vindictive and vulgar. I mean it was pretty Vindictive v I think it was far less vulgar but regardless that is at its editorialized that is not an objective description of reality at least not again. You WanNa give your opinion. That's fine Don't pretend that that is an objective description of reality and then you had Gloria Borger and Briana Keeler going on trump on CNN yesterday and really just clutching watching their paroles. Not just saying not just rolling okay. That's trumping trump. And that's what trump does instead. It was just. How could anyone to this kind of thing in American politics American politics the home of dignity? How can we do all of us? Come on. You've been watching. The president of the United States with an unscripted vindictive time profane angry rambling response vence to his impeachment. Acquittal started out with the president coming out into the East Room to ruffles and flourishes and then immediately turned into an avalanche of grievance against everybody. It was vindictive as you pointed out it was full of revenge. It was mean-spirited it was poisonous. It was Faisal. Wow can you clutch those pros any hurry. Clutch does pros in your heart. OR THEY'RE GONNA turn into diamonds in seriously. It's it's it's pretty astonishing and again and then when trump says you guys hate me like well. Yeah they they do and they pre existed him okay. CNN was round and criticized. Long before. This I mean I was on CNN in like twenty fourteen before Donald Trump was running for president talking explicitly about the fact that during the Gaza war that was happening between to come out in Israel that come out could not have had better spokespeople than CNN. I mean CNN has been unbiased for an extraordinarily long time. So get the media. Wish to make it that president trump's childishness and vindictiveness and thin-skinned this that all of that is the death of American politics and it's like no trump is is just the symptom and also the coroner of everything that is going on C. N. N.'s. John Harwood doing the same routine so so John Harwood comes out. He says well. This guy is in psychological distress weird weird I don't remember them. psychoanalyzing Barack Obama when he was literally crying during some press conferences about mass shootings and remember them doing a deep dive into his psychology. I just remember them celebrating his motion. I don't remember when Barack Obama was saying things about bringing guns tonight fights politically them. Talking about Barack Obama's vindictive nature or in two thousand thousand nine during the financial meltdown when he suggested that he would let the pitchforks. Have the bankers. I don't remember people in the media suggesting well. Isn't that a vindictive spiteful no then they were busy celebrating Barack Bama it's but when when Donald Trump is donald trump then all of a sudden. We're going to go into full psychological analyses by John Harwood. Who last I checked is not psychologist or psychiatrist? But in any case there was this was a very disturbing Tableau for the country It was dark because he's made clear that his mind minded dark. This is somebody in deep psychological distress right now. Self pitying insecure angry. He said almost plaintively at the end when he I was reading a text from struck to page Where he said I'm a good per I'm not a bad person? He he was sort of imploring people to accept that view of him. And the more that you got from media on a score the more trump dumping all over meteorology. Okay fine okay fine. I mean at least Chris. Matthews says who he is but Chris Matthews lays it out what the media actually thinks. This is where I like. Chris Matthews Chris Matthews in hiding the ball right. I mean Chris Matthews is of the left. He knows he's of the left. He says he's of the Left. It's the the people like Andrew Mitchell proclaimed. They're not of the left or the problem of Chris Matthews. Yesterday's say he's as a cut leader cult leader. Jim Jones feet up really cool eight GONNA die. Jim Jones who supported important half the Democrats in Congress. He's a leader. He's calling for a fight to the death. which by the way would be like amazing power in any case is go go go to the show get rumpled rumpled nick talking about banishing banishing Mitt Romney from the party? That's the language of a cult banishment. It's not a language of the constitutional of our American American tradition. Banishment for the one guy who dared to the United States. Senate vote to convict. I think it's also an attempt by the president. Basically tell his troops. Here's the fighting align right now. We're going after everybody. Who went after us? We're GONNA fight to the death we're GonNa get them so suspect number one in the death of the American political scene the media okay. The media have a lot of blame to Karen. I know they're a bunch of people on the left and they say well yeah. Polarization of the media is the providence polarization. The media is not the problem dishonesty in the media is the problem and there are people out there on the left side. Will you have left. Is Cheers Tumbler. On your on your table. Aren't you contributing to the death of American politics. No I'm honest about who we are over here right. We don't really like the political left very much by which I mean not liberals but people who is to shutdown debate people who believe that people should be a platform for having a finally eight and absolutely mainstream point of view. I'd rather than everybody be honest like Chris Matthews than dishonest like the folks over at CNN. Okay so suspect. Number one members of the media get suspect number two in just one second. I let us talk about something something that will make you comfortable. I'm talking about Tommy. John Underwear dudes. Valentine's Day is just around the corner..

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