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Danielle Minero, Monmouth Park, Ronnie discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show


Including the unicorn frapp today danielle minero just walked into the studio sound good here we go here we go here we go see it started out as an hour drive rolled into what is like a congestion in my chest what happens with allergy sufferers time that just it said that's where it settles unprecedented allergy attack it'll settle on his chest is tougher than last night nah i pop some medicine yesterday to kind of get through self medicaid i thinking i honestly i was trying to avoid you but there's no me why don't you call and say don't come in here we go here we had a dry run here's your box office numbers avengers breaking records thank two hundred and fifty million dollars i think i do not i did it how was normally when you see all those celebrities in a move you're like yeah this is gonna be crap yeah it's amazing amazing a quiet place comes at number two i feel pretty at three rampage a four and black panther still out there at number five get ready look now a couple of weeks away from deadpool two and solo on may twenty on going going solo we can't hear you oh that's such a dad joke yesterday was the the jersey shore marathon running now the twenty second running it starts at monmouth park and it concluded in long branch so you told me this story before i was like why was that on for twenty two twenty two do you watch the simpsons daniel no but it had its big episode yesterday every once in a while six hundred thirty six episode yesterday what's his name ronnie here he's seen every single as well he's a simpson's like met case while they broke records they broke the cbs gunsmoke record for six hundred thirty six episode yesterday it became the longest running prime time tv show lazy hey question would you would you eat a taco bell sunflower seed like a taco bell supreme taco s a lot maybe might be good out today my kids like those weird sunflower seeds today well no scott scotty go live on twitter and.

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Danielle Minero, Monmouth Park, Ronnie discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

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