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You as a member FDIC Mrs Johnson before we close on your mortgage loan I want to make sure you remember Mike hi you can trust me African American just like you so here's the low monthly payments and interest rates we promised and here's where they travel the rest of the stuff is just here to make sure that we get your house when you can't pass back what a lovely house predatory lenders are never this easy to spot call us at eight six six two two two fair and protect yourself with the fax a public service announcement brought to you by the national fair housing alliance and the ad council is a group of boys who meets him at the last door everyday and takes on and beats them up listen to the voices voices of parents voices of students of those who know far too well that name calling pulling on harassment are serious problems in America's schools there is a problem and it's more widespread than I had anticipated we need to make sure that verbal harassment not tolerated find out how you can make schools safe for all students by visiting glisten at W. W. W. dot teach respect dot com when the lights go down in the city it's time for the mark weather's KNBR one oh four five and six eighty three sports leader guides a mac is going to join us here in just a second is meat opportunity to unveil for you the full.

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