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We talked about immigration. We talked about the green new deal. We talked about some of the gun safety measures enacted while he was governor of Colorado. It's a great interview. So check it out. This is governor John Hickenlooper. All right. I'm here with former governor John Hickenlooper a candidate for the democratic nomination for president governor welcome to save America. Glad to be on. Thanks so much for having me back. I wanna hear the question that we some version of which we ask all the different candidates. So you are a moderate former governor mayor small business owner from western state. You look out at this gigantic field of democratic candidates. And there are actually other moderates other former governors former mayor's former small business owners people from western states. What was it when you were looking at the field in thinking about running that made you think something is missing in this field? I should run for president. This is this is my time to run. Well, if you look at there's only one other mayor, that's true. And he certainly wasn't a governor. Right. And there's only a former mayor former mayor and. But he wasn't a governor. Right. That's true to mayors, but they weren't governors and in a funny way, I feel like I'm the one person that actually has spent you know, my my life both in small business, but my life has eight years of Mary, here's the governor. My job was to bring people together who often were at odds in conflict and figure out how to get get them to put down their weapons and then get stuff done and I looked at the whole field. And in funny way, I looked at it almost everyone else. And you can as you interview each one you can ask whether I mean, I feel like I never ran for student council. I wasn't involved in student politics. I did it was that you didn't run until you're fifty years old nine years old when I ran from for Denver mares time I ever ran for anything. And I feel that you know, how kids in elementary school. You know chat books are school books that they have they have like three different images. What? Which one doesn't look like the others. Yeah. I feel like that within all the presidential candidates. I'm the one guy that insole business. You know, I started a restaurant and then worked with all the other restaurant owners to change and transform a whole neighborhood of Denver. What they call now. Lodo back. There was lower downtown. We've got everyone to gather. Yeah. It was a restaurant the bruises don't be a we were that. I think the tenth brew pub in North America. Okay. And so we opened up we used it as a community organizing tool to build community community, and we did him in a bunch of other cities like Omaha Des Moines, rapid city, South Dakota, always historic buildings in abandoned parts of downtown always trying to create community. And then when when I ran for mayor, I got all the suburban mayors to work together. And we did, you know fast tracks largest transit initiative in history of the country. And then when I was governor I went out to the got the environmental community to sit down with you on gas. Street, and we created, you know, these these regulations methane regulations to to stop the flaring and venting of methane, which is he'll methods twenty five forty times worse than than CO two in terms of climate. Each of these are just example after example of where I kinda felt like I was there to take people from where they were and move them to a different place where they could hear each other better. They could actually work together. Which again, I realized that cynicism. That's out there today. I I listen to podcasts. Erica. Ranger to the challenges that we face in all this. But at a certain point we have to be really going to dress, not just universal coverage..

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