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Very nice of you to say and you guys are in the better period than that those two those two got drama oh yeah you think you're well you know he cheated in the elevator and the whole thing right right sometimes i think that stuff is just kind of made up could be perhaps you emotional fabricates alike that idea that's a good idea and you could start talking nasty sex stuff and i could just go out and start doing jokes about how dr becky with the with the good hair driver put that partition me and moshe lead to have sex before we get to this standup show i like it i like it too you know what it's a musical week were in between coach owes i say let's not wait in any longer we got a musical guest in here he's a comedian you love him he is friends with me and my husband and with howard kremer big fan he's actually happens to be lil dan's dad give it up for john daly what an intro thank you so much that went great oh god what a flannery intro i'm sorry oh it was fantastic how is it going this is great i love being here thank you guys look great everybody's fantastic no i called you because you have that song out where you're making fun of him and i did can't stop listening to it thank you so much thank you and thanks for having me here to talk about my kiss track because it's not a district because i love my son.

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