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Certain pro painters from the sun Way of gas and power Business desk. Here's Bloomberg's Tracy Junkie, while streets went from record to retreat, the Dow up just 11 points at 26,086 the SNP fell 30 points and the NASDAQ dropped more than 2%. 227 points to 3 10,091 Wall Street started out with a big dose of hope from Visor, which says the FDA has fast tracked two of the cove in 19 vaccines. It's working on Amazon, Netflix and Apple were also leading the NASDAQ to a new high, and for a moment, the SNP erased its loss for the year. Then stocks retreated. In California. Record numbers of people hospitalized for Covert 19 have prompted the state to re close indoor dining and bars. California accounts for 15% of the U. S economy. In Florida, Reuters reports. KFC is closing dining rooms at company owned locations, and it's urging franchisees to do the same there and another hot spots, including California. With money News, a 25 and 55 on WCBS on Bloomberg's Tracy junkie. Thanks, Tracy. Have a good night, son. Way of gas and power. Power your universe with the Tri States Energy supplier son wave Meet Chuck. Now meet Chuck's personal information. Hello, made up of things like account Loggins Bank info and Chuck Social Security number. Whenever Chuck's shops, banks and browses online his info travels all over the World Bulls you breathe yet exposing it to cyber threats. Well, that's no good. So how is Chuck able to sleep? Because he knows Norton and Lifelock are now part of one company. Norton, 3 60 with Lifelock provides an all in one membership for your cyber.

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