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He's like sheen. Jj remember like who are you. And he's skinny. He's super skinny now. Because you remember. He was pretty hefty super skinny long hair. Like didn't even look the same. And i was like everything. Do i know you meet bob. And i'm like holy shit bob. You wait ever going on next thirty made soon. As i said that thirty minutes of my life it was informational and he gave me permission to use the story. But we got a change me okay. So picking cherry is always good soon. Okay so bob cage now jerry all right okay so jerry starts telling me the story about how he knew he was he was he was locked up like most of us were for for you know coping were not supposed to say on corn team last year starting in april whenever it started be when he took it seriously when writing to quarantine he got bored and started surfing the internet and he was looking for. He's always been like a spiritual by always on spiritual kegs and he read book of kabbalah. And all that shit. You would quarantine. I started deport search about murder hornets. Ooh i remember. Yeah i remember. Guess that you you're you're saying about her anyway. Easterns telling me about this. Deep dive on internet colts or internet churches. I should say preface recalling. Bob jerry again. Because he asked for the purpose of this of this of this show like a like a privacy heat. There's some expose stopped okay. And i'm going to get into the store. He doesn't want anyone to come back but he exposed this church church. I'm doing the quote can be so. He found his church right all right and it was called the church of dave and he was into it. 'cause the guy there's a guy and his name was emily. Hope i get this right. There's a guy name. Alba wishes him off the third. All right who is his religious who church funny name. I've never met now wishes before. I know what's the name of her either. I mean if you wanna pick a cult leader name that i mean a church leader name. That sounds like a church leader. Halloween hem hawk. That third anyway started told me a story about how he started communicating with our wishes guy. How this website had all these all stuff about about how this guy went from being in scientology but really he got kicked out of scientology because he didn't really believe in scientology anymore and he in the scientologists didn't really like some of his idea. It's okay he had some pretty gets pretty out there i is. He believed that the dogs were the second coming of angels. Okay more more directly. He believed that pit bulls were the second coming of angels pit. Bulls are super sweet and protective. Yeah that make sense. Yes so far. Sorry so far. I mean eddie has a metaphor. this makes sense yes. Let's keep your wishes. Had a thing where you had to pre to paul of a dark preferably a pit bull right and so this is all making sense to jerry or gerry. People i could see why us. I gave him the most protective animal i've ever owned great. It's always had my back. And the most loving creature on earth in the door bulldogs super playful in. He came in with suspicions about prayed the part that he didn't really understand what. Why predate. Paul nothing right paul okay. I'll the wishes explained in one of his clogs that the left paul has all the power usual any And that's where the dog gets most positive thoughts positive tackling following. You all right so gerry's really into this right. He's about a couple of days into quarantine he's really into this. He's watching all this guy youtube videos. He pays his guy he signed up for this guy guy's website where he gets a sermon to him every day for every game every friday or every friday. Think of what. You got sermon symptom. I don't feel like it really matters. What day of the week. It does a whole thing you got it does matter. It matters this whole telling you when i tell you this story. You're going to be like holy shit. Okay all right So he charges ninety nine ninety five a month for a membership to the website. Right sermon sent you get. It's now we have that when a dog. I it got talking okay. I can speak from experience when dog farts. Just kinda gross. That's what i think but continue according to allegations so when a dog parts gone talking and you you hear him through your nose you hear him through your notes exactly right exactly and jerry's going on this story that how he's like really into it right. He's a he's like paying scarring ninety nine ninety five a month. Kidney sermon said to him and he's starting to tell me. These sermons are kind of a mix of the bible kabbalah understood already under the understood. A lotta into that. But this guy was combining right and he was talking about how the end of the world was coming ninety. This is the beginning. According to jerry was convinced he ended. The world is coming okay. Convinced prepped out for him. They can't get here to go back and everything like that. Use all ready to go. Allegations idea was the fact. The cats for were divas. The cats we're going to try to control people into convening all these all the stuff that had been going on stuff in the world was done by the control of cats mind control like mind control from from cats with cats. Were the demon jerry body. I personally i started to laugh in jerusalem. No serious and i'm like wait a minute your paying guy. Ninety nine ninety five a month sending these surveys. He's telling you ve cats are that he's like dude. Have you ever seen the cat. Have you ever seen a cat you. That's what he asked me. Okay and i was like yeah. I've seen a cat. You see how cancer act. And i'm like yeah kind of independent. Kind of aloof. Kind of like don't give a fuck in lithium. That's okay and i'm like you have cats. You told me yep my cats. don't act that way. My cats are very nice. They're very sweet. What about the roy. Sometimes they're overly aggressive. The one that annoys me. Shit the part of the knocking should off. You can't trying to get control of you honestly. She misses me off so fucking mushroom times. The reason why she does that. According according to allah wishes according to jerry okay the reason why cats do that shit. I.

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