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I made it was the same thing. It was just swamped money. A sexiest shit. There's something about it the way is it weird to you that women or there's more of a Aleph it less of a In a taboo on tank girl. They're just like a world taboo like women. Young girls girls dating older guys. Worse is always that way you accepted year. Expect it yeah. It's a whole different variants. When you see a young guy with with an older woman you think oh man she must have a ton of money and she bought him for the weekend? Yeah it's a mind yeah opposite. Oh what I think the thing You men as a ton of money in the room and wants to be with him. I don't think well it seems like most Stereo. You're an ear like Unicorn like most women. Most guys tried to go for that young eighteen year old like the younger women. Let's just calm six expe- like older woman brought flippy to your emotions. I love your cue. Thank you love you to Edna next episode. There's won't be back until the twenty thirty I'm back I'm fine But yeah now you see the men the the older men with the young woman all all the time and so when you do see the reverse. It's strange yeah so like when you see in older. Were like a younger girl or younger guy with with an old much older. Like if you saw Sean twenty-seven with a fifty year old would you be like that's a money grubbing like he's a money grubbing whore aright Debbie your first reaction or he doesn't have a he's open anything. Yeah that natural troll thought is what's happening the chemistry with this girl. Yeah but then you if you could watch for a minute and then you could see. Yeah you know but yeah your first judgment I think would be. What the Hell is she buying him? Because it's so.

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