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Man What's going on with job man. If tough out here four we're going to phase or FAZ or Faz in Gaza what up fees who does they Tony Tony from where Jacksonville Jacksonville Florida what up with these policies more than you know tame really it might Mike but amen what's going on. What might tell me what you disagree with me about this whole integral east of I think I go how it go to Andy should not fight water right after he A._J.? What's going on on a homecoming? MM COMMIT Tour Brandon. Call you not a boxing fan because you act ruis to get a fucking softie. I'm just being logical Berber cars. We all know how boxing is a sport no but when I'm logical I'm not a boxing fan. According to Brandon ended but you won't be I'm not being logical about telling the fight Rui Luis Ortiz and wait for Joshua Ruis rematch. I mean I'll come now. We seen a man posted. I wonder Redo all the roles diversifies we know what is massive is and we know what he won't man. We also seen them for three years. Say won't face one name one champion Champ. That's all we want. I'm killing my tonight man so bodybags season. I mean which say he didn't say Shit and start liar. No don't want you to lie. Just one that that that we gotta go back today. Is Tom Especially now that the road is you listen. Fighters are saying this more and more I take the road of least resistance. That's what keeps telling me. He said I could make a terence colfer fight but don't entice me. Why would I go through mucky rocky negotiations but I could just call Allen who I want her in? I mean it's easy like why would right now while the was Dick around toyed with called the boy and Alabamian no one knows you who are oh you and he turned away. He took flat fees any turned away from that opportunity and now that is here on on on decent terms..

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