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Friend so she possessed like now. I know I keep asking this question but like it makes no sense to me that she hates humans this much. Then why trust David like it makes why I mean you keep asking it because none of this chip makes any sense. It would be really interesting to see lady gargoyles before. She decided that she hated all humans to get a real understand real understanding of what that turn was because even when we see her thousand years ago she didn't trust the humans it would have been really cool to see what made her turn and maybe understood this kind of evil streak a little better because right now it's just making her look bad. She's an asshole. Yes she's just evil for the sake of being evil or you know angry for the sake of being angry but without a cause right. We'll get there who maybe we're only five episodes and we've got seventy three more to go. Who Anyway Goliath is like you need to get a handle on your shit. I have places to be an lady to woo. He fucks off to and then we cut to D- Alexes Bank of computers. He's got incredible camera angle of this entire argument. He's watching it all happen from a drone if you notice the camera angle on his computer screen. It is like pulled back wide shot from above like bird's eye view. How the FUCK IS HE GETTING? This Camera Angle. You see this in cartoons and shit all the time like how are you seeing the same view that either viewer emceeing? He's secretly because they don't understand technology. He secretly during the day strapped go pros to their chests and they don't even realize that they're they're yeah exactly before we go to the next. Liz Deluxe says Goliath is too hard to control. What a pity something like that creepy and weird talking about I guess. He was expecting Goliath to be like a mindless monster that he can control like a Frankenstein's monster kind of situation but then Frankenstein's monster gets a brain and smart. Sounds like no no no dad. You can't control me. I'm going to go do my own thing. But he's had previous interactions with lady mcharg oil. Who is very manipulative and conniving in her own right yes for sure but I think he's realizing Oh Goliath is too good maybe like I can't just convinced the man to attack an airship. I guess because he's out of the fight between Lady G and him that he's like oh I thought having her around would like get him to do things and he's he like. No no no. I don't like this side of you bye-bye I don't know. It seems like a quick turn on David's part but he's just like because deluxe is plan has one hundred percent worked right. So why is he like Goliath all of a sudden even though I totally got him to do everything I wanted and you think the fact that Goliath does trust humans more than lady? Jaye would work on David's behalf. Yeah Yeah we've finished our worrying about deluxe. Yeah we're moving to the rooftops taking so detective. Dream Boat is patiently waiting for an explanation as to where to wear Goliath was 'cause she thought him flying away from as she calls it a plane crash girl. I don't know if you've seen a point before. But it's fucking not a plane. I have never left Manhattan. I have no idea what a plane is. One thousand nine hundred ninety four so she's not familiar with the future. Yeah not a good detective but she is because she already know some Shit Yeah. She knew the three labs were robbed by creatures. So she's like she's like affect my gargoyles and motherfucker. I saw you with another woman. Yeah so it's just like really just yelled at because I going to go see you in late. Gd You're gonNA yell about her. Do you think that's what love triangles do anyway? So he explains that the desk were stolen from David an he was just helping get back. What was rightly his. Yes they had to fight and yes destruction happened but like we were helping David. It's fine dream. Boats not having any of glance condescending. Patriarchal Bullshit dropped some knowledge on his ass. Check this shit shit out. Remember this trace. That emblem. It's the logo of the robotics firm that's owned by. Are you ready Xanax? Enterprises are you saying that Santos's responsible for the attack in the park. That's exactly what I'm saying. He probably planted that Boko new himself. But those were the same men who stole the disks from him Goliath. Nothing was stolen checked. Those discs were cyber by addicts property. He must have stated that to trick you into stealing the disks. He used you. He's been using you from the beginning. Pretty sure this confirms our theory. Deluxe is behind all of it. I don't fully understand why I don't even understand. Okay Liz. Can you explain it to me? So that means all three labs his is that what it means. That's what I was confused. Minute okay actually know this own cyber -biotics so here's I think what happened okay. The case that was stolen didn't have anything in it right. It was empty so the the helmet guys are his so the attack. That happened in episode two. That was his people to stage a fake robbery. So he could be like hey. They stole that from me. I need it back so the discs were never his information The data was never his. He just needed. He knew Goliath Gargoyles. Wouldn't just Steal Willy. Nilly had to have a reason and the reason was they stole my shit. I need it back. Stealing it period. Okay so he doesn't own these cyber -biotics company no his rival rival. Yeah Okay He. He came yes. The case was empty. Had nothing in it. He pretended to have his shit stolen. And that does make sense. Because these cyber -biotics jumpsuit guards looks different different than the helmet. Guys Jumpsuits v Helmets. Yeah all right you got it. Make sense to me. Yeah I accept. Oh so dream. Boat Convinces Goliath. That deluxe is definitely a shit. Dick Desk Fuck but the have to trust somebody. So why not a her and then she rubs his face. Oh yeah she promises. It'll be worth like girl. You are using your charm to win him over you know. He's thirsty. Boy Live boy. Come here come to Mama. Gotcha boy. Sh God it's going Zana Toast Tower. Yup Liz play this clip. Yes please it has to do with in Deluxe spouting some shit that I just. It goes back to the the not being able to trust glass. It just doesn't make any sense so all right let's listen. I'm afraid. Gargoyles have outlived their usefulness. I can't count on their loyalty but now with the data on those discs. I can bring their replacements. Online holiday already outlived their usefulness. They've been uncurbed cursed for like two days. Let you. That's fuck ton of work to get these gargoyles generic city to be like we're done with you is who days maybe three. I'm even so flustered. Because he gave them one assignment and they did and he lied to them about the assignment and they still fucking did. What is he talking about here? Like he's lost his marbles bonkers so okay he's full of Shit. Hurry the usefulness of Goliath and company he had them steal the discs for robot related reasons. It kind of sounds like he in Owen. They're like hey when the sun comes up and the other gargoyles are asleep. Test them and lady MIC Gargoyles. Like why the fuck should we wait? Let's blow these mother fuckers now. What is her game well? She's manned that Goliath is with another lady she's using her vagina. That think right now. So you're telling me that rather destroy people the only people who are left the only ones left so she called the last of kind the last she wants to be the last gargoyles. Does she really think that if he's like all right? I got these robots now. I don't need creatures. I can't control. She gets the stick around like she's elusive right. She's way more of a loose cannon than than go is in the other she's a loose end. Loose cannon yeah. She thinks she's more important than she is. The problem women are always thinking that sexism we go outside and our are just chill and just like chill into the Max. Where did you get that little computer? He's got a little computer Brooklyn his sports them. Six shades and Broadway. Being the fat one has an entire dining setting of snacks he got like takeout from everywhere they get the table. It's gotTa tablecloth on what Does Avenue. If you have a billionaire who is your pretty much sugar.

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