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That gift choosing to take charge of my life to express decree tippety by tally and wholeness that truly defined me. I don't know it sounded good. But I don't really know what that means Koby. I'm gonna try to try to break it down. Good. He must have a feeling of bondage with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Right. His whole his whole EPA tad's. Right. There was I have free will I can make my own decisions. I'm not control about what people say or do. And that's like that's a shot at the organism. Now, look the brass from Pittsburgh will tell you. We we never made a feel like he was being controlled or we never tried to put him in a box or whatever we know about the incident with filming in in the locker room, like, they're they're they're okay. That's not the biggest. I mean. Yeah. Exactly. So, but but what he was saying to me the way I interpreted is some form of fashion within this organization. Whether it be people at the top Tomlin are Rooney or the ownership or whether it'd be being he felt like somebody was trying to control them. And I don't know if that's the case or not. But that's how I interpret what what he posted his question. This something going on there. No, quite right. And we hear big band. There wasn't argument. And the report say there was an argument like how much you are in the locker rooms how much do we not know of what's going on with the Steelers about eighty five percent of what it feels like it feels like you're just seeing a tiny little bit. Been been is a deflector like being not going approach prostate. He just just like about labia. I'm Bill like he came out and was critical of I'm Bill, and they're said when he was about to return he reached out on like man understands he playing the game ban is like a politician. Right. So you think that being in a be on good terms and a BI wouldn't have a conversation with his QB? Like, we this. The QB has been throwing the ball and you've been thousand yards the last six seasons. If you don't call me text me back, and we're working together lay. Like that like that. You'd better be international or you don't want it on a rap exactly that's a wrap. So that's that's that's my conclusion. You know, your media superstar you Ron kit up earlier today. And you said something that I found interesting, okay. About the Cleveland Browns in the same division as the Steelers. You said that the Browns was the coaching vacancy that is most entr. Regaining most enticing to you. When you've got Aaron Rodgers and the Packers sitting right there as well. Why did you say that? What do you mean? What are you going to do in Green Bay? That's not been done before draft. Some offense skill position players know, which not like the excellent players around extra sensors. They expectation there is once you do that you're going to be a good football team. Right. You're speaking like all we not far removed from twenty five years of just abysmal play by the Cleveland Browns. Are we not removed from drafting first round quarterbacks that never panned out? Now, it looks like Baker will are we not far removed from the Cleveland Browns, not winning one game. And now they're seven seven in one. That translates the players I say Kobe say it all the time coaches are very important, right coaches are very football, especially football, the players got to get it done though. And if I'm a coach and I'm sitting on outside looking in. I'm saying, you know, what Cleveland got a hell of a nucleus like Cleveland got sides of the play both sides of the ball. This award. Got injured the cornerback that they drafted. He was bowling before the season started peppers is there you got Myles Garrett of front like you look on the other side. Jarvis Landry just got his big deal. Obviously Baker Mayfield niche up going over thousand and didn't even start the. Entirety season you the offense of line is is really good that de land forces pressure. They got guys that can play all over the place. If you're a coach especially now with a league is trending young hot offense coordinator, and you get a chance to get Baker Mayfield and Jarvis Landry. And and all and Joko at tight end. Do are you kidding me?.

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