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Pulled Duncan defy the podcast that breaks down five G. for marketers. This is episode seven the end of consumer columnist. I'm Jake Moskowitz these days more than eighty percent of digital advertising transacted and executed pro grammatically. It's become such a standard part of everyday advertising. It's easy to lose sight of all the companies these technologies innovation and data that connect and operate behind the scenes to make it work. It's really pretty remarkable and in an effort to follow buyers here's off of managed service models ad tech vendors continue to streamline self-service processes and user experiences as issues like view ability brand on safety and fraud became too big to ignore the industry eventually rallied to chip away at those threats but programmatic has another issue. That's been brewing in the background for several years. Some believe five G. will fix it. Others believe five G. will make it worse. Both can't be true. Let's talk about what we're talking about. The programmatic ecosystem is thick with issues that bogged down issues that slow consumer experiences and access to the Ad ad-supported Internet most programmatic buyers no this publishers are very aware consumers may or may not realize the cause but most experienced Syrian the effect in fact they often respond to slow loading web pages by taking steps to avoid slow sites an adobe survey in two thousand eighteen showed showed content being too slow to load the number one reason that drives consumers to either stop what they're doing or switch devices higher even than a site not working the publishers have expressed concern and frustration about abandonment and the growing adoption of AD blockers among consumers according to Deloitte twenty percent of mobile users say they use an adblocker on their mobile phone computer. Ad Blocking is even higher..

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