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You know, you may not be in a position where you can upgrade your whole heating and cooling system. But to help you maximize what you already have. We have a bonus coming out for the furnace motor when paired with a smart thermostat in it. It's an extra fifty dollar rebate so combined two hundred and fifty dollars. So somebody could buy a brand new furnace motor with a thermostat or do. They what what's the deal is one or the other by both that Santa both of them at the same time. And the contractor installs it for you. You can get a fifty dollar bonus. So the idea is schedule your tuneup maximize the unit you already have by putting an inefficient motor and get a smart thermostat. I want to ask you a question about the home energy assessments. And what the typical payback is which is a media because because it's free. But because we just did I sign the sheet for the our office at six one west Randolph to have the contractors come out, and install energy efficiency, lights and everything like that. At our at our facility downtown at home sides homeside financials office in Chicago, it's going to it's going to be an eight hundred dollar or nine hundred dollar investment. But we're going to get back in about twelve months. So why wouldn't you do it? Plus, we've got like six or seven light bulbs out because we took over to be clear, though, residential you wouldn't be any cost. They would change those like bulbs. Yeah. So on the residential side for the home energy assessment. That's totally free to customer. We do offer a smart thermostat at a discount. So either seventy five or one hundred and fifty depending on the model that you select but everything is free. And then on the business side, we have a similar offering where it's not entirely free, but lots lots of free and discounted pressures to your point, Dave, it would cost you three hundred dollars five hundred dollars to change your light bulbs by yourself. Sure. And I'd probably fall off the ladder and causing another eight hundred dollars on a medical thing of the money. We'd make on the video. Absolutely great. And it's still not firing their gipper. How we blooper video. I so I changes like change light, bulbs and fall and crack my head three to five nine one eighty nine hundred. We're going to I the call screen here when we hit it is still not working. We got to fix that. During the next break. Three one two five nine one eight nine zero. All right. Let's hit the brake care. Gary Novell's tied up in a is tied up in a in a consultation today. So we will not be call him. But I've got a great story of an individual that we're working with to enhance his credit. So he could buy a home three one five.

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