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Of billions of dollars return again, that's a good return investment. We're just back to the the incentives of the game. Right. You know? It's not just about baseball team owners all being, you know, greedy. Sure, they are might be. But it's just about the fact that you would be stupid not to you know, if you are a t- mortar, you're seeing all your fellow team owners get hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies and be able to either pocket that. That back into the business. You know? Of course, you're going to ask for that. And you're gonna come back and ask for it year after year after year because you know, that Jeffrey Loria did it with the Marlins and Carl did it with the twins. And it may have taken the ten years you get the money, but eventually they got the money. So again, I think we're hitting a little bit of a lull. But I would be very surprised if the as the raise don't get some sort of new stadium deals in the near future. If it doesn't Volve some sort of public money or public land giveaways tax credits or something like that. Just because again, it's such an ingrained part of the business model that you know, I don't think it's gonna go away anytime soon, but you know, on the other hand my books out for books out for over twenty years now the websites still going, so maybe we're starting to have a little bit of an effect. And maybe the raise don't get a stadium, Dan where they are. Then they're just gonna move up here to Portland, Oregon, and it would be wonderful for me. But the last thing I wanted to ask you there's been a conversation in Anaheim. Because the the angels owner Arte Moreno once renovations the ballpark, which is showing its age, but there's been an ongoing conversation with the city over who's going to pay for it. And there's been a conversation of well, if marina was going to pay for the renovations himself than he would then be given the right stole the parking lots around the stadium. And does that seem like given that I I think the parking lots around the stadium mood and valued at something north of I think two hundred fifty million dollars release the property around the stadium. Does it feel like kind of a maybe a developing trend where maybe moving forward owners, we'll figure well the public has caught onto the fact that we can we can fund our own stadium construction. But at least this is like sort of a workaround away for us to get that money and still say that we privately financed new ballpark. Absolutely. I think when man was twenty five years ago now when I started looking into this stuff, you could as sports motor walk into the state legislature and say, I I need a new stadium going to have a check for three hundred million dollars, and you would at least get taken seriously. Now, the one thing that has changes a bit of a backlash to that. So you have to hide the subsea a little bit more. So you say, well, we're not asking for money were asking for land that we can develop or asking for tax breaks or were asking for, you know, money from this revenue stream that was set up for our last stadium that maybe would have gone back to the city. If we paid off the old stadium did build a new one. But whatever you've been spending it on the old stadium paying off the old stadium. So if you give it to us now, it's no big deal. And I think we're saying much much more of that. And those kinds of hidden costs Jews Grant Long who is a researcher. Now iridium Michigan has been. Looking at this over or years decades now has found that the one consistent thing is that the the amount of these hidden costs again, whether it's free land or tax breaks things like that has continued to rise over time. I think the last time she looked at it. It was something like forty percent above what the headline caused was public stadium costs and that was years ago now, so unsure punching out with numbers. It will be even higher than that. So, yeah, I'm watching that angel situation very closely because the old mayor of Anaheim, Tom Tate, shot that down very quickly and said, you know, we're.

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