Usbased International Rescue Committee, Robert Mugabe, President Trump discussed on BBC World Service


If million people i've been forced to flee their homes as a result of war persecution and economic desperation it is a migration crisis which is generating immense human misery and alarming levels of political discord my guest is david miller band head of the usbased international rescue committee and a former british foreign secretary countless politician tan humanitarian explain why governments worldwide are failing to meet the migration challenge what the truth is that we have that distorts the dying and to provide the basic modicum of dignity but it takes politics to stop the killing and the humanitarian sector inevitably is dealing with the symptoms of political failure you can do a much better job at dealing with those symptoms knives david miller band on hardtalk off the news this is the bbc news hello i'm jonathan eyes odd these imbaba in military says talks with president robert mugabe are continuing and there has been significant progress in the operation got what it calls the criminals surrounding him speculation about whether and when the 93 road president might resign has been intense since he was placed under house arrest on wednesday ben brown in zimbabwe dole we've had the suarez zimbabwean armed forces as saying significant progress has been made in their operations but not specific nato he about those negotiations and they do seem to pay negotiations state house with robert mcgarvy who is under house arrest and a general she why your head of the armed forces jair the man who is effectively put him under house arrest so a rather bizarre situation you saw pictures emerging if the twoman shaking hands and smiling yesterday with south african mediators a catholic priest brought into mediators well the former head of the sicilian mafia toto riina has died in prison at the age of eighty seven it was one of italy's most feared crime bosses turns havilland reports toto riina died in the prisoners wing of a hospital in parma he was serving twenty six life sentences patient in july riina.

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