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Were farmers working the land as either indentured servants or low income settlers they were allowed to wear some of the basic colors such as muted Reds and greens and blues they wipe their noses on their sleeves rather than on the handkerchiefs that the wealthy and the clothing was much more functional than formal so when John Hawthorne road into Salem village that day even from a distance it was clear that he was someone important the black clothing silver lace and gold buttons on his coat the fancy jewelry and beautiful boots all of this spoke of a person of privilege and power to words that accurately described John Hawthorne with him was another well dressed man Jonathan Corwin they were making their way through the village toward a very special destination the home of Nathaniel Ingersoll it was a building that served double duty as the local tavern what they called an ordinary Ingersoll is ordinary was about to play hosts the opening pitch of a very long very deadly game because Hawthorne corpsman weren't just too rich visitors out on a jump through the countryside they were the lucky person Salem the magistrates had arrived trials were about to begin this is on a secured I'm Aaron McKie let's begin with systems we talked a lot today about systems that are breaking down or how we stepped outside of the norm and are experiencing a very unusual kind of life it's a common way of seeing the world when things feel like they've cleared.

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