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And. Punk rock in life it's the Chad Benson show almost. Exactly twenty years ago John McCain delivered the eulogy at Barry Goldwater funeral that other great legendary Aaron who America holds. Dear in its heart Barry Goldwater. Was born in Arizona, John McCain was Aaron. Jonas favorite adopted son so John McCain starts his literally his final journey at it took us to. The state capital today Brazil to Psotino KTAR news. Reporter is with. Us you're down, there first of all. The time down there I was there very early actually at around eight in the morning are we had the press had to get in. There by around nine so I wanted to be sure that I got in on time and and and and describe where you were compared to where, because you got there. He wasn't there yet obviously he. Was making his way so the, press is all there whether people outside already. Lined, up, and waiting yeah actually Maybe a couple dozen people were. Already, there And then so the. Prescott led inside and. We had to stay we had a choice we could either stay inside a press room or actually be on. The third floor looking down at the rotunda so I chose to be on the third floor to be able to see everybody and and. Be able to look down at. The rotunda it was such an inspiring visual so here you have Senator John McCain, inside this cascade covered in the American flag and he's. Laying in the middle of the, state seal so it was. Just a very, very inspiring visual to see so you see, all these people start to, come and obviously then you've got. The entire you know the procession shows up you have all the first responders and everybody out there and, and, and then. It's brought in in Sydney McCain and everything what? Was that like when he first would it I arrived there and you're watching people because you're seeing all these, people out mooring of of people, who were you know who who loved John McCain and some people who may not have? Always agreed with them but respected him for what he did yeah very diverse crowd that's for sure you know, people from all walks of life You know you, had the, dignitary so you had governor Doug Ducey former governor Janet Napolitano former governor Jan brewer so it, wasn't just Republicans there, was a mixture, of rep up Republicans Democrats and then also you know just his closest friends and obviously his family. And, just seeing his. Family there at. Times it, they did get emotional specially Megan Yeah she was sobbing a few times especially in the beginning beginning and then also when she went to say her goodbyes and to touch the. Casket she got pretty emotional then as? Well so after all of that happens we're talking to her? Casilda Psotino, our news reporter KTAR. So who's down there today at, the rotunda, and the state capital, as they. Brought John McCain's body and. Is it will now lay in state for for, the next coming, days would, win that started to happen when did the people start filing it and was there a ton, of people out there, by them To go the. Public yeah so we. Were the private ceremony was, about thirty minutes long it ended around little. After ten thirty the people were allowed to start going inside to pay their respects around too so it was a while, before anybody from the public was allowed, inside? But one, of the neat things that. Happened is that us meet the media, we were. Able, to actually go inside to the, first floor where where the. Casket was and to pay our respects the we were able to actually touch the, casket one by one each reporter got. A few seconds to you know, to stand there some people were bowing others were touching. The casket and I got to do that as well and it was just something that I did not exposures they you didn't expect any of you were there because you know we forget you guys are human. Beings right you know you guys are? Completely unbiased you don't give your opinions or anything real journalists And but you're also human beings and he represents, you've saw many times to the halls, here? And and, what not obviously be on. A MAC and Gaydos on numerous occasions. And and Was it weird because you weren't part of the Mary media but at the same time you're, a human being and you. Know you dip expect that yeah I did an expected and one of the things that I made. A realization right after I got to touch the casket I realized wait a, minute this is the same place where a, few years ago I was able to interview Senator John McCain I. Was working on a story about his outreach to letting os and You know I was interviewing him and and, he he you know obviously, he was still alive and, I'll always, made himself open to reporters and so when I was leaving the, rotunda I made that. Realization and I said wow now I'm here again but this, time I'm paying my respects and so that was that was an emotional moment for me? So, how do you think. He's going to be remembered by the Latino community because with all of the infighting and obviously between, Trump and him and all. Of this stuff and we're a border state and of course you know we we this is something. Here that we were more concerned here than say people in North Dakota Because we are a border state. How would you think he's going to be remembered among the Latino. Community I actually, interviewed, someone about that yesterday. Tommy Espinosa who's a close friend to. Senator John McCain he's going to be speaking tomorrow at another. Ceremony and I asked him that question and and he said you know for? The most part the Latino community respected Senator John McCain the Latino community didn't always agree with, everything he he said and. Did but for the most, part of, there was that respect for when it comes to immigration when he, was running for president The second time, around he, did take a little, more hardline stance on immigration and that, didn't sit well with Latinos but then he you, know a few a. Few years later he was part of the gang of eight which wrote that comprehensive immigration reform with a path through citizenship For undocumented immigrants and so then so at that time the Latino community came back. And supported him so I would say it was a mixture but for the most. Part the Latino community does respect Senator, McCain talking to Zelda Psotino KTAR news reporter. Last question here how, long are you going to be in the states. Capitol before he, starts his journey? To DC so. He's going, to be at, the, state capital, today for a, couple more hours, and then after that. He's going to there's going to be a church ceremony tomorrow and then on. Friday he's going to be flown out to Washington DC it is a, you know what you don't realize you know us being here obviously John McCain how big is but you know doing my national show. Let me tell you something the outpouring of love and what a giant man he was on, a nationwide level, that I, don't think people really understand and. And I think people here are starting to, understand a little bit more and we have a little bit Different takes. Because I hear, it all the? Time from people. But nationwide the respect that, I, think people, had a and, and how big, of a man he. Was as far as not only political but just him as a personality I. Think people are starting to realize that Griselda zetino thank you so very, much at Chadbensonshow is your Twitter c. h. a. b. e. n. s. o. n. is KTAR Arizona's news station The. Monsoon.

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